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Monday, 9 April 2012

Monday Offerings....words from within and song

There is One who walks with me...
One of the Spirit kind
it is She from which the messages come
Her truths whispered in my ears
words that are beyond myself
I call her Arlene.

while out for my morning "church" run
She gave me a message
for a friend
but such a powerful message it was 
I knew immediately it was one to share here...

You are stronger than you know
What you are facing offers you the key to an even deeper part of yourself
Every step
Every battle
Every hardship faced
offers a deeper connection with oneself
Not that we should look for hardship
but that we face it
head on,
staff in hand,
when it presents itself to us
You are loved
You are cared for
You are not alone

With greatest Love and Fondness

Her voice is such a gift to me...

given this easter weekend
I wanted to share a song with you
a freedom song
one dear to my heart
I hope you take the time to listen...

our life is ours
there has been those who have gone before us
given their lives
for the freedom to live from the heart
What are you doing to honour those who walked before us?
What are you doing to honour yourself?
today I challenge you to embrace
embrace your beautiful heart
and watch what happens

Love and Light


  1. I loved the message from your friend. What a wise friend. I tried to listen to the song but it hurt too deep and I don't know why. Fear, again, I think. A beautiful beautiful post once again and it reallllly spoke to me. I wish I didnt wimp out on the song, maybe it's just the day :)Thank you for sharing this message. xo

  2. What a beautiful message from your friend - it was like she was talking straight to me . . .
    Thanks for sharing Monday Offerings (on my Tuesday)
    Love n Light

  3. Listening right now... love your MOnday music offerings :))))

  4. a million thank yous - I really needed these precious words today and how did I know to visit? Life's is strange that way....

  5. that was meant to be a heart lol.I still haven't mastered it. haha. ironic much? xo

  6. Yes to this "our life is ours"
    thanks for always speaking truth and strong words.

  7. When I listened to this song, it made me think of the first time you played it for me at the C. It reminded me that when things are hard, or some things end, its okay. When one door closes, another may open that is more incredible than we could imagine. And like Arlene says...hardships offer deeper connections and we don't go through them alone.


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