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Thursday, 26 July 2012



in Trust
I still take action
in Trust
I understand that I am equipped
to make the right decisions
in Trust
I see God

in Trust
I know who I am
in Trust
I Love fully
in Trust
Spirit lends me Wisdom
in Trust
She opens doors

in Trust
I do not doubt myself
in Trust
I do not doubt God
in Trust
I know
She walks beside me
every step of the way

This has been a season for me...and continues to be so
as a mother
this has proven to be my most challenging time yet
I share with you what a sister 
took the time to send me
lighting my way
through this thick forest

she pulled 
the card of Trust for me...
it read:

Trust is having faith, hope and a positive outlook. 

Trust is believing in someone or something.  We have confidence that the right thing will come about without trying to control it or make it happen.  We trust others to do what they say they will do, and give them the space to be trustworthy.  Sometimes it is difficult to trust when life brings painful experiences.  Trust is being sure, in the depths of our being, that there is some gift or learning in everything that happens.  We move confidently with the flow of life, gathering strength from adversity.  We know we are never alone.

"Trust in the Lord and He will guide you aright.
One who has this trust need fear nothing. 
He can be in perfect peace and happiness
for he will be guided aright"
~Mahavagga 8:15:13 Hinduism

The Practice of Trust: 
I maintain my Hope
I do not nag other or try to control them
I believe there is some good in everything that happens
I allow trust to heal my fears
I am confident in my capacity for lifelong learning
I rely on Divine assistance

I am thankful for the gift of Trust
It renews my strength

What does Trust mean to you my lovelies?

Love and Light
pictures taken during my time alone


  1. ciao cat, came here via sue's blog..what a post to stumble upon this morning...powerful and honest. thank you for sharing. warmly, s

  2. Trust means unconditional acceptance at first. if it is broken later on, then trust means setting boundaries and protecting myself from harm, which may also mean trusting my instincts. But above all, I feel that even if we lose trust in some people , there are others who held up the sacredness of trust and gives me the strength to trust again. But the loveliest of all is the trust in God, which is never broken, even if the going gets tough.
    Take care,

  3. yes yes, trust trust!

    my own version of Trust is a little, er, bigger, wilder? Trust for me is when you may not even have a positive outlook as such, or have lost faith and hope. When you are filled with doubts. But you open your heart and Trust anyway. Not passively like Faith, but actively.

  4. Trust this has been a biggie for me this year ~

    Feeling vulnerable, not in control, trusting I will find a way through the moments when I think I can't take any more. Trusting there will be what I need in each moment, a kind word, a sparkle in a raindrop reminding me of all the beauty this planet supplies when you just want to gravitate inwards, I cling to those sparkles trusting things will change!

    Happy weekend and thank you for all you loving words.

  5. Trust is all of the above..but trust is also the ultimate love...because it means loving faith without instruction or answers. Wow. Lovely.

  6. Cat - I love this post and the honesty and your candid words breaks my heart open a bit. I especially love the Hindu quote and of course this.....
    ("Spirit lends me Wisdom
    in Trust
    She opens doors")

    Say it sister! - trusting right along side you.

  7. Letting your life unfold as it will, and embracing what comes your way with openness. Having trust in your life's path and where it's taking you, and accepting the yin/yang. I dig this post!

  8. I like this "Trust is having faith, hope and a positive outlook. "

    Trust is letting go of my fears and moving forward towards the light instead of looking back at the dark


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