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Saturday, 28 July 2012


I wanted to feel it
I knew it
I had had it
I needed it
an emotional state
which promotes the belief
in a positive outcome 
related to events and circumstances
in ones life
*says Wikipedia*

so the other day
feeling I had misplaced her
I went out looking for Hope
 to the place I knew
where answers were always found
my church of  earth and sky
water, rock, mountain and wood
the place of Creator
Mother Earth
where all answers lie
in the simplicity of the constant

Coyote met us
which was a surprise 
because it was later in the day
much later then when I normally visit
later usually means less animals around
they are shy of people
and tend to hid away during
the busyness of the day
but they were out
Families of Geese
and the Heron sitting up top the old tree snag
I saw them
I recognized the gift 
but still...

I challenged God
I said "I would be impressed if it was an Eagle there"
cheeky as I was
a tender heart I hid behind those bold words
and this God knew

I biked on
beginning to feel refreshed
with Spirit by my side
whispering loving words in my ears
reassuring me
loving me
even in my unsettled state 
for I was flippant and dismissive

Then I saw Him
flying above me
"Are you impressed now?"
I heard a voice say
my humility poured over my soul
"Yes,  Yes, truly I am blessed"
I notice another eagle flying higher
and a hawk flying off to my right
I soften
I release
Hope is returning

And then 
a little way down the trail
very low
over my head He flies
to perch on a tree right in front
of me
The Love of my Soul
"Do you see me Catherine?
I am here
I am here
I am here"
yes yes I see you
"I am always with you
never shall I forsake you
never do I leave you"

We look at each other for quite some time
me through tear filled eyes
my heart open and raw
He tells me more
encourages me
listens to me
hears me
loves me

in the water
Otter swims
and plays amongst the reeds
teasing my Puppy Prince
playful joy...

and then
and then I see something 
come floating down through the air
something small and delicate
something caught upon the wind

"Is that for me?"
I ask
for I am not sure I can grasp it
"Go towards it"
says the Lover of my Soul
"Move towards it and reach out for it"
and so I do
a smile is on my tears stained face
my heart is excited with anticipation
as I reach out to catch it
and once again
in the simplest of things
I have found Hope

Where have you found Hope my lovelies?

Love and Light
*Honouring the Ebb and Flow*

the following are images taken during my
time alone

we are off to spend out final weekend
in this strange
but beautiful place
Happy Weekend my Lovelies


  1. Cat, I needed this so much! I had goosebumps while reading this "hopeful" piece. I seem to be riding the roller coaster of hope these days - full of hope one second, despairing the next. Thank you for this beautiful and hopeful message today.

    Hoping you have a beautiful and lovely weekend!


  2. tears and more tears. these miracles of everyday.. THESE miracles are hope embodied and made tangible. xoxo

  3. I dOnt know how I lived so full before I met u gals. Now I am much fuller;)

  4. You are an inspiration.......

    Hope where has it lead me? When I set out on my blog journey nearly three years ago I didn't know where it would lead me. My intention, my 'hope' was to meet 'kindred spirits'. My hope has been met in the most wondrous and beautiful ways.........

    Thank you for being part of my journey. x

  5. Thank you for bringing hope in my day as well, with your beautiful words. I needed hope and you gave me that.
    The place that you are going to live is strange but cosy and beautiful. The photography of that place and the surrounding areas is very lovely, particularly the grass and the photo of the house taken from a distance.
    take care,

  6. One place I find hope is through sharing life and experiences with friends (like you!) This is a beautiful post, the Creator loves us so much!

  7. Hope!
    And I'm loving your strange but beautiful post
    And images of you on your bike
    I hope Mr B brings me a bike for my 40th year around the sun


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