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Monday, 30 July 2012

Monday Offering...for you, my Lion Hearts

"If ever there comes a time
when the women of the world
come together
purely and simply 
for the benefit of mankind,
it will be a force
such as the world
has never known"
~Matthew Arnold
19th Century Poet and Philosopher

Go out my lovelies
into your week
with your Lion Hearts
We make a difference in this world
Make sure the difference 
is one of Love

Love and Light


  1. "Make sure the difference
    is one of Love" My favourite part xoxo

  2. I have met many women in my life, some are kind , some have motherly instincts yet some are jealous and some are made me think if only if we could understand each other and love each other instead of seeing each other as competition...the world would one day become a more lovely place.

  3. I loved this;) dol e vita was right;) sorry ladies I have been dealing with a fibro flare up that was BAD... I'm not ignoring everyone.. Just been a week of deep pain;) I'm at my mommas now recovering... Hope to do a blog soon. Feeling a tad useless to the world... Sigh. Love.

  4. Beautiful, Cat. Love the music! Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful's calming and soothing to the soul.

    Have a beautiful week!


  5. LOVE



  6. You always find such great music! I have been thinking about the power of women lately too, how powerful we could be if only we would let go of all the junk that stops us from joining together. Its interesting that your quote is from the 19th century...even back then the power of women was recognized.


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