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Wednesday, 1 August 2012


today my thoughts were on giving
today my thoughts were not
"what can I do"
"this is what I can do"
today I took some time
for others
every two months we gather
the three of us

we gather for the women of 
here in our home town

we put together gift bags
for those women 
who are entering the program

they come with an assortment of goodness
that all women appreciate

body creams
lips balms
homemade book marks
sweet treats
hair adornments
inspiring angel message card
a personal journal
a pen

they are put together with 

letting them know
that somewhere out here
there are women 
faceless women who love them
 and look at them as sisters
knowing full well
it is a fine line
and anyone
can find themselves
were they now are
and because they have found themselves there
it does not mean the end
it means the beginning

one of the special things I make
for the women
are Message Stones
Witness Stones
these are stones that I gather
and write affirmations upon ...

as a Witness Stone
they become something more...
In so many cultures, religions and belief systems
there are stories about 
the significance of stones in 
agreements made
For the First Nations people,
there is a story about them that goes something like this....

A long time ago, before there was life on earth, the Creator was contemplating the purposes of each life and how long each life would live. There are spirits attached to everything in this life; spirits are what give everything 'life'. Some spirits saw the earth and everything in it and they asked the Creator to allow them to live forever on earth. The Creator, knowing that every life should have a purpose, and that each life would have a limit to how long they lived, contemplated how those spirit's requested would be honoured. The Creator thought of stone/rocks. Stones/Rocks will still be around even if the earth crumbled to pieces. So, of all that the Creator created, stones/rocks could live forever, but what would their 'purpose' be in life?
The Creator gave these spirits the job of remembering important events in the world, the keepers of records and the holders of memorable events/ceremonies/agreements.
This was perfect.

The Creator was able to honour the requests of the spirits whom requested to live forever, and give them a 'purpose' in life. It was all good.

That is why, when people come together to witness a significant event or ceremony, those people are sometimes given stones to help them remember the event or ceremony, so they can be the voice of the stone and remind the significant people of their agreement or the special-ness of the event at a time, when the significant people seem to be forgetting what had taken place at one time.
As you know, stones do not have a voice of their own, so witnesses are then the stones voice when it is time to remember the event or ceremony and what the event or ceremony meant.

This is the purpose for the witnesses at events or ceremonies that were given stones as a token of remembrance of the event; hence their name: 
Witness Stones
~Fraser River All Nations Aboriginal Society~
These stones are given to these women
during a time of great significance
a time of re birth
new beginnings
My prayer is that they hold on to these stones
to remember
this day
and the courage it took
for them to come to this place
to step into recovery
and come home
Hanna House
Would you join me in that prayer
my lovelies?

Love and Light

Have you ever been given a Witness Stone at a special event?
If so, you are responsible for remembering and honouring the significance of the event or ceremony 
you witnessed.
This is an honourable responsibility
for someone to be given.


  1. This is so beautiful
    have you seen "The Sisterhood"
    I love the Witness Stones !! !! !!!

  2. I love it when you do this;) you also pick wonderful little pieces of hope;)

  3. Love what you wrote here. We should really ask , "What I can do instead of what can I do". Thanks also for sharing the story of the stone. Writing affirmations on stones and keeping them with us , in our home, in our pockets, holding them in our palms and looking at them is a great way to motivate ourselves , very similar to the thought process of wisdom cards but more natural.
    have a nice day!

  4. This confirms it. Is there no end to your love and light? Lady, your amount of caring and encouragement and giving brings hope and new ideas for all of us who are lucky enough to have stumbled upon your site.
    Everybody needs a rock. x

  5. This is such a kind thing to do. I am sure the women really enjoy and appreciate your generosity. Stones & rocks are very special. I think every child has one in their special treasure box. I know I do!

  6. What a wonderful, touching and beautiful post. This is such a gentle thing to do. Beautiful photos too


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