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Monday, 6 February 2012

Monday Offerings...

Today, I offer whereabouts.
I have received a few lovely messages of love from some of you, my readers. 
You have told me that you have noticed a shift. 
You wonder if everything is alright.
You tell me you notice.
Thank you.

I thought today I would come from within the poems, the visuals, the journeys and stand before you all...just me.

When I made a declaration of Vulnerability I did not fully know or understand what would come with such a declaration. This is part of the mystery of our own power in our lives. But it has come and taken up residence in my life, in a way I could have never anticipated.

As I walk, with intention, this season of Winter my skin seems thin and times it feels transparent, and oh so exposed. Vulnerable. I have found myself needing to be mindful of not spreading myself to thin, but to walk with great consciousness and knowing. A knowing I had no idea I had, but now, through this process, have discovered.

As all this is for a Greater Purpose.
All this is done with intent.
This is not a dream, for I am fully awake...feeling all that is happening and all that is going on within me. It is what I chose.

What is that Purpose?
The purpose is to find out exactly who I am beyond the flesh, beyond the body...but who I am in the Spirit, who I am in the Divine, who I am in God....and who the Spirit is in me, who the Divine is in me, who God is in me.

This is not an easy road.

That is the Truth.

Any Spiritual Leader, Seeker, Lover will tell you this road can be indeed be challenging....BUT
There are many on the road that offer help
There are many on the road that offer wisdom
There are many on the road that offer hope
There are many on the road that offer companionship
There are many on the road that offer medicine
There are many...we just have to practice seeing them.

The thing that makes it hard is our flesh...flesh does not like to hurt, feel uncomfortable, or be stretched...but we can help it through this process. We have the power within us to sooth its way through...we have been given that power, it is up to us to learn how to use it. 

I think many of us stand at this road and have a strong desire to take it. But to the naked eye it looks barren and difficult, and those observations are true. But when you look again, and with every step, Love and Light teams all around. When you begin to train your eyes to see, your ears to hear, your nose to smell, your hands to touch; you become a part of something that comes from deep within you...something that was when The Great Magic built the earth and all that is within it.

So this is where I am.
Walking this road of great Spiritual fulfill my purpose, to be Vunerable, and it is good.

There is also exciting things in store for me that I am making plans for. Something I wonder about how it will fit into this season I am in right now, but something so close to my heart.
In 5 short weeks I leave for Medellin, Colombia, South America, to go back to the place I left a piece of my heart 31/2 years ago. But that my friends, is a post in itself....

I am well.
Winter is cold and still, but with it comes so much warmth and life.
My skin is thin, but I am full.
I am right where I need to be.
Thank you for your love and is a gift to me and I receive it with gratitude and honor.

Love and Light


  1. Lovely. So glad you are following your words and heart.:)

  2. Awww....thanks for that Cat! You are always keeping it real my friend - which I LOVE!!

  3. I love those who are naked of soul, seeking truth and putting to death the selfish, me first perspectives. Beautifully written! Thanks for the sweet letter at Christmas time. You are so thoughtful!! I have often wished I was as together as you in thoughtful, sweet deeds. xo

  4. As I travel an incredibly hard road with amazing friends who have offered hope help warmth and comfort I understand a bit of where you write from.
    Love and Light

  5. It is indeed NOT an easy road, but like you express so beautifully, such a worth while one! So grateful to be along for the journey with you.. thankyou for sharing it here.

    I love you, friend.. Amy

  6. I've felt so thin and alone lately, the present Now can be quite barren.
    Your reminder that Earth is so very constant, that She is so very present and giving has been a treasure in the midst.

    I appreciate your transparent post. This is what I needed to hear "There are many...we just have to practice seeing them" I need to start looking and expecting provision from others, I am too self-contained, and I think it is hurting me at this point.

    Thank you Cat, you have been a needed source of compassion and wisdom.


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