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Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Wise Woman Within...

What makes a Wise Woman?
Do we each have a Wise woman with in us?
and if so
How do we find her within ourselves?

open hands

open heart

looking up

in something more...

that is where you find Her

She is in you too...

The Wise Woman has a knowing
that has been with Her since the beginning of time
memories of those who went before Her
and of those who are beyond Her

The Wise Woman laughs

The Wise Woman cries

The Wise Woman holds some thing close

She Trusts She Believes 
She does not take things too seriously
(something she is teaching me right now)

She guides us through times of challenge
and comforts us when we feel alone and unsure
She offers Wisdom willingly, 
beyond judgment
beyond opinion
She offers Love

She offers us 
Objective thought
Clear Vision
without attachment to outcome

She is always waiting
ready for access
ready to give to us

She is you
She is me
She is within each of us

As there is a Little Girl in all of us
So there is a Older Wiser Woman...

What do you do to access that Wise Woman within you?

Love and Light

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  1. Beautiful post Cat
    I had brunch with my Goddess Girlfriends today
    Even tho we are of similar ages we refer to ourselves as the Maiden (A) the Mother (me) and the Crone (M) . . . A is yet to have children or be married, I am married and have 2 young children whilst M is divorced with 1 adult 2 teenager . . . M is our Wise Woman . . .

  2. Love all your pictures..and the words are so right on:) What beauty inside and out!

  3. you are so beautiful.

  4. Just read your last two posts, wow! you've been busy!
    Love the prints and the amazing purpose that they now have. That's fantastic.
    In regards to the wise woman within, I connect with her every morning in the stillness of my heart. She is my light guiding me through every single day...we are SO blessed dear sisters...

  5. So beautiful. I love the way you tell who she is with words and pictures. You speak powerfully with both. :)
    Catherine Denton

  6. Gorgeous You & photographs and meaning, strikes so close.
    "As there is a Little Girl in all of us
    So there is a Older Wiser Woman..."
    Love that.
    I have been researching the root thread of Wise Woman, been beckoned
    to do so. Then I find this here. Confirmation.

    *I have been attempting to comment on Your entries for Days Now and at last this hopefully will go through as the Comment box is letting me type. Your previous entry with the photographs for the Hanna House are exceptional and Your efforts also.

  7. This post is amazing. I love all of the pictures {such vulnerability!} they are inspiring. I have great respect for my wise woman, but I appreciate the reminder, the re-framing that your words gave.

    I access her through stillness. Perhaps on a walk, or just sitting and waiting. She is generous, though I need to be more intentional with giving her my time, for she does not push herself on me.

    Really, Cat, this is all kinds of wonderful. Thank you.

  8. I absolutely love this post with everything in me. you are so beautiful inside and out. I love the idea of the wise woman within and I'm going to draw on her wisdom more and more. A male friend of mine said almost the same thing in a different way a few months ago, he said to talk to our future selves, get advice from them to live through our struggles now.. so a male perspective in a similar vein. I have such wise people in my life now..teaching me through their own wisdom xoxo

  9. Beautiful photos and words....thanks for visiting my blog. Now I'm going to go access the woman within with a lovely bath! All the best to you!

  10. I saw your photo in the slideshow and gasped. It was so powerful and beautiful!


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