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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Winters Sweet Rewards

out of Winter's Silence
comes sweetness

a transformation
only possible
when life lys dormant

when stillness
is all you hear
and silence
drowns out noise

"I will give you a new Heart
and put a new Spirit in you."

Mama whispered...

"I will remove from you,
your heart of stone....

...and I will give you a heart of flesh."

One that feels
One that hurts
One that lives

And they will call it beautiful
It will be sweet...
but not sickly sweet
it will be the kind of sweet 
that lingers
in the recess of memories
The kind of sweet that makes you long for more
The kind of sweet that leaves you feeling
satisfied and pleased
Everyone who tastes this sweetness
will leave with a smile on their lips
a glimmer in their eye
and Hope in their own heart
and they will know
All is possible...

Love and Light

(ps no I did not make that was a silent auction item we purchased at a fundraiser....
it was a beautiful to eat as it was to look at)


  1. Wow... Wish I was there;)
    Thanks for the sweet hOpe;)

  2. Red Velvet Cake? and YES it's a gorgeous cake xxx

  3. WOW, your photos with the words are so powerful. You have a delicious gift!
    Catherine Denton

  4. Oh my darling Cat....all is possible, and in that phrase every ounce of fullness resides, infinitely in all directions....huge :)

  5. "my heart of stone" - indeed, it is there, not my true heart, but the one I send out into the world, all guard and strong, shut-down and capable. I broke a little inside {in a wonderful way} when I read the verse. That my heart of stone can be replaced, and in it's stead I can live out my heart of flesh in the open, in the public eye, at all times, in all spaces, with all people. Amen {so be it}


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