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Saturday, 4 February 2012

And so I walk...

And so I walk
The Happy Fool
With my trusted companion
And my back pack for tools
I will gather along the way.

I'm not sure of where I am going
And I am not sure of how I will get there
But I have Faith, and She reminds me...
that my Guide will show me the way.

Many Creatures do I meet
Each with something to give
I marvel at their beautify
Their Trust
Their Knowing
Their Faith
in that which is not seen with the naked eye
That which is only seen with the naked heart.

They Challenge me to move forward
To walk in Lands I do not know
To transform that which was once Familiar
To form new life inside my self
over and over and over again
To be re-born with out fear or resistance
To learn to be still
When stillness is required
To know when to push on through heavy resistance
to be Awake and pay Attention to detail
And then, in turn, be wise
to not chew too long on details given.

As I walk I feel those things that cling to me

They hold on to my inner most part
They believe they hold on for Life
But, I have come to know Different
And as I enter the Solitude of Stillness
I feel their loosened grip
Eagle and Hawk come to me
giving me eyes to see.

Winds now take what clings and transformation begins
Fear to Faith
Distrust to Trust
Certainty to Uncertainty

They do not go willingly
They don't want to be transformed
They cling to my rib cage
Not able to see, that what they cling to
is empty
It can not, them, sustain
It is just a body, a shell
That will eventually die and turn back to dust.

It is the Soul they need to come beside
It is Source to which they should cling

I must be still, be silent
I quiet my mind
I enter Silence and Know
And here it is,
Mother Mary comes to me
speaking Her words of Wisdom
~ "LET IT BE" ~

copy write February4, 2012
Catherine Beerda Basso

Love and Light

journeying into the  South with pixie campbell and my Sisters at SouLodge 

(pictures taken on Thursday morning during a therapy walk
me, my puppy, my camera and the snow caped mountains at the bird reserve)


  1. Love that song:) Wonderful post. keep walking:)

  2. Beautiful images, beautiful musings xx

  3. "I'm not sure of where I am going
    And I am not sure of how I will get there
    But I have Faith, and She reminds me...
    that my Guide will show me the way."

    I feel like I'm walking a similar journey... one foot in front of the other... one step at a time.

    And learning/growing to be content enough to be able to actually say "let it be"... well that is my challenge.

  4. I love the ease with which you are in relationship with the Earth, so beautiful. It encourages me to put down my guard with nature as it draws me in, as it calls to me, speaking wisdom and peace.


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