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Saturday, 22 October 2011's time to Rise Up

Tonight I heard a song bird sing
The song she sang came from deep with in 
The place we usually hide from the world
A place we don't want others to go
But bravely she stands
Singing her songs of truth
For those who have the courage to hear
She bears her heart so she can live
She reminds us that the path is not always easy
That sometimes we feel lost
Yet in that brokenness, there is beauty...
Beauty that is Divine

Tonight I heard a song bird sing
So beautiful the tears poured down
Her voice carried us all to the place
Where Glory can be found
She sang of Grace
She sang of Love
She say of Goodness
that comes from above
Gifted is the word that comes to mind...
I told her so tonight
To think this gift was a sleep for so long
Thank God it came back to life

Tonight I heard a song bird sing
It was beautiful, raw and real
I feel blessed to have been there
in that place
with her...

She is Cathy AJ Hardy, you can find her here

I wanted to pick the perfect song that showcased Cathy's was a hard to narrow it down to one...
So I picked the one that I feel suits this space the best.
I hope you take the time to listen and give Cathy a visit of encouragement...

Love and Light my lovelies... Rise Up!

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  1. WOW - my favourite song at the moment is Eva Cassidy ~ Song Bird
    today when I was out walking/bike riding with my babies . . . I REALLY noticed the birds song .. .. ..
    Each time you post it's like your talking to me


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