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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

She let go...

She let go...
of Self Doubt 
~God Doubt~
overly Sensitive
Self Awareness

She is you...She is me.... She is every woman pushing past her fears and doubts; pushing past the self criticism. 
She is fierce.
A fierceness that is neither loud nor soft.
She does it her way.
Her strength can be seen in a look, a movement, a single word. It is also seen in a passionate speech, a grand gesture, and a world wide movement.
She knows she will stumble.
She knows she will make mistakes.
She knows she still has things to learn...
and She embraces the opportunity to do so.
She is focused
driven by The Higher Good
and a desire to make a difference
contribute to growth
plant a seed.
Even when She stumbles and doesn't quite understand,
her resolve is to continue on...
She believes in Trust
She believes in something that is bigger than herself.
She loves big and gives her heart freely
expecting nothing in return but the warmth giving gives her.
She is a seeker, a teacher, a lover, a friend.
She is a sister, a mother, a daughter.
She stands in the rain for a loved one
She holds the flame when others can not
She gives, even when it is not wanted
She believes her heart
She is you
She is me
She is fearless.

She Let go,
forging a hole through the air,
as she screamed past her limitations.

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  1. I like that last line;)
    May you also feel light in the darkness and love in each moment;)

  2. somehow every time you write I feel you are directing it right at me xxx
    love and light xxx

  3. Beautiful and powerful, Cat! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for writing about me today ;) and you!!!
    Powerful post, Girl!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing Cat, it's so beautiful and inspirational....

  6. I was going to say powerful as well but I see others before me have thought the same thing. Did you do the artwork Cat? Love to you,

  7. These are beautiful words of encouragement and challenge to remember who we really are and the strength that we have. Thanks for the reminder!


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