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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Sacred Gifts

"We are not here to fix...we are here to love." ~ Cat

Sacred Gifts.
We all have them.
Stitched inside our inner selves.
These are not talents...and maybe even things we are not that good at...but when we use these gifts...
Joy that surpasses all Joy
Bubbling up and filling us so full that it spills out all around us, saturating anyone who is touched by it.
Joy that makes the world right
Joy that makes all seem possible
Joy that makes you believe

I attended a workshop this past weekend called...
Discovering your Sacred Gifts.
And with out sounding corny...though I am going to truly was a gift to me.

Where to start. 
I sit trying to unpackage all that came to me this weekend, but even as I write that I know it is impossible to do on one post.
So I begin with some information...

There are 24 possible gifts in you.
Your gifts equip you with what you do what makes you feel on purpose, energized and affective in ways that even you can't explain.
You know them by the results they being and by the fact that they show up over and over again in your life.
Gifts are not the same as talents or skills. And separating this kind of thought process really takes intent.
Sacred Gifts are always outward focused for the benefit of others.
The area you are gifted in can sometimes be the area that is most screwed up or lacking in your own the shoe maker whose kids run around with out shoes!
We are meant to open and give our gifts and be willing to receive that gifts of others. 
Your gifts can be in direct contrast to your personality and your human walk...again causing us to stretch beyond the immediate, beyond the flesh of life and into the spiritual.
Many people don't see their own gifts because they're too busy wishing they had someone else' much time do we waste in our life time wishing for what others have? Such a waste.
Most people block their own gifts because of their fears and many people go through their entire lives with their gifts...some or all unopened.
Your gifts have the capability to grow from what appears to be ordinary to something extraordinary....that is up to you.
They sometimes appear after a crisis has occurred to you or to someone else.
Some of you who are reading this are currently already in alignment with one or more of your gifts, you just don't know it....yet. : )
Your gifts are your way of bringing healing to the planet and they are your way of being in service to this Life.
From a Spiritual perspective all Sacred Gifts have equal value, power and when engaged they are equally extraordinary.

When we add our Gifts to a meaningful need the out come is us feeling on purpose...and this friend is where Joy comes in.
Have you felt that?
When you have engaged in something, where you gave of yourself to help, assist, give and you walked away from it feeling so full, and satisfied? That would be a clue to one of your Sacred Gifts...
Other clues are:
Feeling: did you feel energized?
Effort: did it feel effortless?
Results: did it benefit others or something?
These are things to look at when searching out your Sacred Gifts.

These Gifts hold power of the super natural kind. When we use them, even in a limited capacity, amazing, unexplainable things happen. We unleash The Divine out into the world to touch those around us. We open ourselves to be a vessel, and when we do that, things shift, hearts open and the world heals.
When I heal, you heal.
When I sing, you sing.
When I hurt, you hurt.
When I live open, you live open.

Is this something that intrigues you? interests you?
I would love to share more...
but for now my soaring mind and spirit need to rest.
Spiritual journeying really takes it out of me! (In fact I had to have a nap today! And a heavenly nap it was.)

I leave you with this quote from Maya Angelou~
"When we cast our bread upon the waters, we can presume that someone downstream whose face we may never see will benefit from our action, even as we enjoy the gifts sent to us from a donor upstream,"

Love and Light


  1. I like that quote at the end. Really true. ♥

  2. Love this. Would love to hear the list. I already know mine but you are absolutely right- I was blind for years and sometimes I see it more as curses than blessings but then other times unexplainable things happen. I wonder though if there could be possibly more than 24? I would think with the diversity of God and humaness there could be more specific ones? Let me know what this person seemed to think:)

  3. Love this post - you always seem to write the right things for me at the right time.
    Have been using this past week in my sick bed to read the book you recommended - thank you xxx

  4. I'm interested to know what the 24 are. Can't think of mine off the top of my head. I've done a few survey thingiees about this kind of thing but mine always come out different. Hehe


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