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Monday, 24 October 2011

Music Monday Offering...

Music Monday was something I used to do in my "other space" but that space has come to an end due to other projects in my life...including this one, where things just get a little more personal and my Boyz get to have a little more anonymity.
I wanted to bring the music over as I have a deep deep love for this form of expression, as you would have noticed in my last post.
Usually I pick a song that is reflective of what is going on in my heart, or a song that is speaking to me at that specific time.
Today is no exception.
I have been walking the Path of Forgiveness this last little while.... the picture suggests this path is filled with many a level.
But Faith allows it to be clearly marked and well defined. Grace provides me with surroundings that are safe and familiar...God is good.

Forgiveness is a time of great growth and expansion..letting go, breaking off ~ breaking through. This journey was unexpected, but so necessary for my wholeness. 
It is a time filled with tears and vulnerability, joy of release and the pain of resurfacing...and pieces...pieces of me that are falling away.

The Love and Light is ever present and I am grateful for this Come Clean.
This is my music offering to you blessed.

Love and Light


  1. this is so beautiful. love the images; they truly go along with everything you wrote.

    hold on to that vulnerability.

  2. I love this song!:)
    Beautiful and soothing.

  3. Aaaah love Audrey.. Hi beautiful friend.. home tonite with a quiet house, with babes tucked in..taking some time to come and see how you are.. love this song so much! Audrey's music and heart has blessed me time and time again... love you

  4. Beautiful post -
    I have much to forgive but can't bring myself to that point

  5. Great words Cat and a selection of beautiful photos too. They first one is absolutely stunning. Miriam

  6. Beautiful song, words and photos. Thanks you for sharing (and your sweet words on My Blog)


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