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Monday, 10 October 2011


This past weekend was Thanksgiving here in my beautiful country...Canada.

a wonderful time to reflect on those things I am thankful for
such as...
~living in a freedom where I can openly express my Faith and not have to meet with others in secret
~the abundance of bounty
~the blessing of a home I can call my own

~the gift of family
~the challenge of children who make me grow
~the love of a committed husband and friend

~the joy of preparing a feast for others
~the means to be able to feed many
~the desire to share my life
~the blessing of invested relationships

~I am thankful for a job I love and the possibility of the job to come
~I am thankful for crackling fires on a cold day
~I am thankful for a warm bed at night

~thankful for friends who share their hearts...even if they think it will hurt
~thankful for diversity and that none are the same and yet we are intertwined
~thankful for personal expression

~thankful for freedom fighters of all kinds
~thankful for those who speak their minds
~thankful for amendment rights 

~I am grateful for good health
~I am grateful for a rich life lived
~I am grateful for blessing bestowed

~I am thankful for sister who drove 31/2 hours to come a dine with me
~for friend who send texts of well wishes
~for those who see me

~for music that inspires
~for words that touch the soul
~for Peace beyond measure
~for messages from beyond myself

~for small hands

~for big hands

~for the privilege of soul connections
~for the simplicity of a smile
~the warmth of a hug

~for the vastness of the sky
~the endlessness of the earth
~the glory of Creation, that reminds me everyday of the Love that brought it all to be...

I am thankful for you
I am thankful for me
I am thankful...

Love and Light


  1. so lovely....
    happy thanksgiving!!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Cat! What wonderful things you are thankful for! Beautiful photos! ♥

  3. And I am thankful for you ♥ Your wisdom, your kindness and your encouragement xx

  4. yummy. all of it.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving. Love that celebration and after seeing your photos, now I'm really hungry!!

  6. I just read your last post at your other site, and wanted to tell you I enjoyed following you there, and I'm looking forard to everything here. The camping photos were beautiful. You guys have some awesome scenery up there. I hope we get to go to Canada someday and see those mountains for ourselves!!

  7. This is lovely! :) and gosh...I'm really hungry right now, and those food pictures did absolutely nothing to help that situation. Haha. Looks sooo yummy. I love your list of thanks. So beautiful. I'm thankful for you! :) and you're making me look forward to my American Thanksgiving...

  8. SALUT!

    But truly, BC and I (due to some historical movies we've been watching) have talked SO much about how blessed we are to live in a time and place with freedom of belief! It's outrageous to me that it's such a "new" concept!

    Happy Thanks!

  9. Oh , Cat-

    that looks so delicious, and the words are so nourishing I feel quite like I was there, too. Congratulations on this beautiful new chapter of life and kudos to your wisdom and gratitude.


  10. I love those foodie glimpse photos. So much to be grateful for. Happy thanksgiving



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