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Sunday, 30 October 2011

This morning....

Early Sunday morning, doing a little blog visiting and I came across the following at the sweet Cara's space...

(I hope you take the 20 minutes to watch it as it is so relevant.....)

For myself, this came at the perfect time.
Today I go for lunch to my mom's where my older sister will be...we have been estranged...not seeing one another for over two years. The reasons for this are not important. What is important is that I stop what I am doing to contribute to this estrangement and take responsibility for my part of the relationship. This very visit is a key part in my journey towards complete Forgiveness....a journey to heal an unexpected wound.
I go today with the knowledge that Vulnerability will be at my side. That this visit will be a place where Shame has no place for any of us. And where Love is all that matters.

I am willing to be vulnerable
I am willing to forgive
I am willing to be whole

How do you define vulnerability?
What is it that makes you vulnerable?
I would love to hear from you....

Love and Light


  1. How Ironic- I had this posted on my blog a year ago!!! So good. Aspergers syndrome makes me vulnerable...pretty much all the time. It does have gifts for sure...all in the perception again:)

  2. Oh Cat, I love your heart to forgive. I'm praying for you and your sister today. ♥ ♥

  3. Love Brene! Sending you love for you and your sister. :)

  4. I understand. . .
    My mother and I are 'semi' estranged
    My youngest brother and I are FULLY estranged

  5. Thinking of you and wondering how lunch went. I am proud of you. Doing our part in something is not easy at the best of times.....
    Vulnerability for me is a scary thing. I don't like it much. We aren't the best of friends - she and I.

  6. I love Brené Brown, I read her book "The gifts of Imperfection" 2 years ago and found it life changing. It took me a while to discover this but my spiritual nature was shameful to me. My interest in spirituality and my meditation practice were kept secret for a long time because to me, it showed my vulnerability. It showed an element of weakness that I didn't want anyone to see. I felt like a gay man afraid to be himself because of the negative judgments and the fear of being rejected by others. Now I am choosing the path of vulnerability because I know that it is the only way to live a loving and fulfilling life. It's not always easy but I'm trying. And one big step I took recently is to start offering classes for women to reconnect with their inner wisdom, to put myself out there and offer what I have learned and what I know to be true. It took a long time to come to this point and it took the loss of my own father as a catalyst for change but so be it. I now look ahead and feel incredibly grateful for this amazing journey called life...I feel blessed.

  7. WOW. I could not have spent 20:44 on anything better today: THANK you, Cat.


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