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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Life's Gifts

On this road of life I am a seeker, always looking to learn, stretch and grow. A great many things have come to light in the last little while; I wanted to take them here to reflect upon and share...maybe some of them look familiar to you.

~Gifts added to meaningful need brings an outcome of feeling on purpose.
~There are three kinds of basic characteristics for all people:
     1) the need for approval
     2) the need for security
     3) the need for control
~Living from your heart takes courage

~Once you get it you wont forget it
~Life requires you to participate
~Approval is not the same as Love
~Love does not need Approval

~Sometimes we find old wounds alive and well in other places

~Letting go is about Trust, in God
~Conflict is a forum to grow
~In order to keep your vision you must talk about it
~The Creators amazing glory can always been found

~To be rooted, one must surrender in to the Trust
~When in prayer one needs/can be bold and clear

~God is not, and can not be, offended
~Forgiveness frees us all

~Real power is measured by how much you can let things be
~When you shift your vision from what your bank statement says to what your soul statement say, Lack dissolves and Abundance reveals itself

~Two people can be looking at the same thing and see something completely differently

~Trust is a muscle that needs to be worked out
~Judgment poisons the wounded
~The devil did not create desire. The devil only created fear of it.

~If it makes you come alive you should do it, for the world need more people who are alive
~When one heals we all heal
~We are here to love, not to fix
~Real friends challenge you

~It is our choice to hear The Call 
~We all have something to offer

~Everyone holds beauty
~Those who seem to know more truth than you simply reflect the part of you that has forgotten. They are your touchstones to remember

~It is wise not to attach ourselves to the outcome of things
~Pray, then move your feet
~This, truly, is a good life

Love and Light


  1. Oh, Cat.....
    How wonderful.

    I had a big old wound open up this weekend, one I had thought was completely healed, but I loved learning that I still had care I needed to afford myself, and that underneath the ache was still joy. The bedrock of me is still in good shape :)

    Your journey is inspiring: thank you for the gift of sharing it.


  2. Wonderful post Cat.
    It's been crazy here...sorry I haven't come by more often...and I should.
    Beautiful heart ponderings.
    Have a wonderful weekend.....

  3. I love these thoughts. Thanks friend!

  4. i love all these little tidbits of truth and wisdom. this one penetrated me right to the core: "If it makes you come alive you should do it, for the world need more people who are alive." wow. i have been thinking a lot lately about those things that make me feel fulfilled. alive. writing is one of those things at the top of the list. i told rain recently that if i could just write, then that would be enough. but unfortunately it doesn't work like that in real life. oh well. i just need to try to do the things that make me alive as much as possible, i think...

  5. WOW, Girl... you had me at the start... Listing the 3 biggest Idols in my life that God has been up-rooting Approval, Security, & Control.
    LOVE this post!


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