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Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday Reflections...

Welcome to some visuals
of my family trip to Florida...

I feel like this year has already been such a whirled wind.
Today has been the first day
I have been able to spend most of the day
in my new creative studio
I love it here
I will post pics of it another time.
There has been so many changes
within and with out me.
With out
there was the closing and leaving of my hair career
25 years
Well there are those close few I am still doing
but the business is finished.
My man child moved on...
he is living with his dad and step mom
for the first time
a good move
but still and adjustment for a mama.
We now have a spare room!!!
For guests to stay in!!!!
with out that lingering teenage boy smell!!!

There seems to be a Spiritual Simplification going on
deep with in
one that I did not intentionally walk into 
but I fell it is the natural process.
I am giving up my workshop...
In two weeks I will be presenting it for the last time.
It has become very clear to me
that there is another area in which I am meant to lead
and I want to be able to give it the attention it needs.
When there is too much on the plate
one can not savor the different flavours
they all begin to run into one another.
That is what I mean about Spiritual Simplification...

My intention for this year is to present...
and in order to be present...fully present
I need to great the space in my life to allow for that
to happen.

The new direction is
Stillness in Nature Retreats...
I will have more on this as I get the web page up and going.
This is where my heart is being called.
To facilitate a place and experience
where woman can come, 
spent time unplugged in nature
 and have a chance
to hear their hearts again.
This is a busy, noisy world
and we need to stop
we need to stop the madness
and come to the stillness
This is what I believe.
I am following my heart
and all the promptings I have been given.
I will just be the guide
what each woman comes away with 
is up to her...
I will be there to set things in motion
how far or fast they want to ride
is totally their choice.
This past week has been a year since myself
and two other woman
began putting together gift bags
for the woman who enter
Hanna House Recovery Center.
After getting them done we delivered them
the three of us
that was the first time we did that.
We had a chance to interact with a few of the women
who were in treatment
it was awesome.
It felt so right to be a part of their lives
even if it was in such a small way.
We were told over and over 
how appreciative they were of the bags and their contents
it was really touching.
For myself
it is such a honour to do it.
We are hoping this year might bring more
ways in which we can touch these women's lives
as they touch ours
Their bravery is staggering.
I have other BIG news
but it will have to wait till next week....
Another one of my simplification moves is to
be here less.
That one is hard.
But I have a memoir to finish...
and other writings that needs attention.
I will still post
but not as frequently
and I will visit less...
it is just the way it has to be this year.
I have come to realize a writers life
is full of a lot of solitude
and I need this
to do what it is I am meant to do...
I am again taking part in SouLodge
this time for the entire year.
I hearts desire
is to give it full attention and intention
already I have learned
and been opened and awakened
the message has been clear
It Is Time
I Am Ready

Just a few shifts happening in my world
and I am excited to see what they will bring.
I feel the Peace of surrender and trust
as I am being guided into a new Life...
I find myself thinking
"Is this really MY Life?"
I have the blessing of being surrounded
by so much love and light
I feel fully myself
I rooted in who I am
...not to say there are not challenges
there is
there always is
but the Truth, far out weighs the uncertainty...
and that my sisters
is a blessing.

So those are some of my reflections today...
some of my thoughts
I close with this song
I feel it is fitting...

Love and Light


  1. You sound like you're exactly where you need to be, the way you need things to be and that makes me SO happy for you. The pics are beautiful too! I love the "love" one. xoxo

  2. grand photos and marvelous writing.
    i needed to see and read. xo

  3. There's a lot to take in here! Part of me feels a little sad just getting to know you and all that.......just being honest! Hay-ho you'll be where you need to be and that's wonderful, the retreats and everything, looking forward to hearing all about this adventure! Big hugs x

  4. Wow! You have a lot going on, so exciting. I can't wait to hear all about as everything unfolds. Sending you positive, healing energy and hugs. xo

  5. We all need to find out where we need to be and go towards that direction. Your words are brave and candid....and these pics took my breath away - I write this from a snowstorm in Canada....peace my friend!

  6. Very beautiful pictures of your trip, as always. I am excited for you, the place you are at, the endings and beginnings. I know you can do all these things that have been placed on your heart. Everything in our pasts prepares us for our present and I truly see that in your life.

  7. Cat, firstly so enjoyed your Florida pictures.. sunshine.. aaahhhh how I miss that. I know you do more then I as I think it's oober colder where you are compared to here.

    Just adore the direction and leading of the Divine in your life. A word that comes to mind is intention and purposeful. These two words continue to rise in front of me, and I can't help but see them again in your journey as well. So excited for the new direction of your life and all that is perking and rumbling under the surface.. you are so beautiful. inside and out.


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