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Thursday, 28 February 2013

a time to every purpose...

this is a song that I have loved
since I was a kid
sung by this very angel
I can remember singing i
at the top of my lungs in my bedroom 
it was one of those lights
in a darker time

today I wanted to share it with you
because I do believe that there is
a season for everything
and in this world.
In this culture
where we in constant pressure
to grab the brass ring
I want to say
there is a time for ALL things
not just the things we want
or think we want
or think we deserve
or feel it should be
there is a time for all things

and sometimes that means
we have to dig down deep
within ourselves and find Grace
for others
 granting amnesty
giving Grace
isn't easy
forgiveness can be hard work

Grace can be a costly gift
and it is most needed
when it is least deserved
that is why it is Grace
To live as common threads 
in the same tapestry
we must be willing
to exude Grace
to others
to ourselves

We are all connected
We all matter
We all could use
a little Grace

have a beautiful
Grace filled rest of your week
and weekend my lovelies  
Love and Light

read these words, this morning and had to add them
taken from
Women Who Run with The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Chapter 9   

"The psyches and souls of women also have their own cycles and seasons of doing and solitude, running and staying, being involved and being removed, questing and resting, creating and incubating, being in the world and returning to the soul-place. When we are children and young girls, the instinctive nature notices all these phases and cycles. It hours quite near us and we are aware and active at various intervals as we see fit." 


  1. I believe there is a season for everything too. this was so beautiful, really touched me today where I needed it ( straight in the heart) love to you xoxo

  2. I loved this so much, I had to comment twice ;) this is a kickass post. Reading it the second time, I felt the strength and power in your words.."there is a time for ALL things
    not just the things we want
    or think we want
    or think we deserve
    or feel it should be
    there is a time for all things" This touched me the deepest. SO true. xoxo

  3. this IS a powerful post and just what I needed to read. Thank you, very very much.

  4. whoa. just what i needed to read as this holiday draws to an end. this has been two weeks of conflicting emotions and many laughs, many tears. now i see it is all just part of the cycles and seasons through which i must travel.
    thank you, cat. thank you.

  5. Loved the peace and passion in this post. Yes I feel this too!;) xoxo

  6. We always want blue skies, learning to accept the grey too is essential, yes Grace is what we all need! A couple of years back I adopted the name Grace for the year as I knew there would be a few challenges, I kept my adopted name before me and tricky situations were handled the best they could be!

    Hugs Sue x

  7. I remember buying that book years ago. Those words ring truer today than ever before.
    Makes me so glad, honored, to be a woman. Yeah! XO

  8. O my goodness.. I haven't heard this song in so long. We had a 2nd Chapter of Acts record that had this song on it. lol.. Loved listening again.. thankyou.

    Yes. seasons.. cycles.. something that keeps coming up is the phrase. " there is a lesson to be learned in all things.".. the Universe brings what we need, and if there is something inside that is not whole, it flows different life situations/people our way.. all pushing on the same button, just wearing different masks.
    We grow..we evolve..we transform. isn't it beautiful to just accept that all is at it should be, and that seasons will turn turn turn ;)

    Thankyou, lovie.. xo

  9. Lovely! Grace is a very powerful gift. xoxo


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