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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

my son, a song, and where I am at....

sometimes a mama
just needs to share the brilliance
of her man-child....


Transformation is in the air
in my world these days
this New year has brought so much
I can barely digest it all.
Sorry for my absence.
I wanted you to know
I am joyfully walking my journey
of Love and Light
amazed by the Love and Wonder
that is all around
Moved by a God
so much bigger, bolder and brighter
than I could ever have imagined
Feeling terrified and exhilarated all at once.
I am Alive!
I wonder how you are all doing
please leave me a comment and let me know...
Thinking of you all today
my lovelies
sending you much
Love and Light


  1. brilliant indeed! wow!!!!!!!! I loved it. Your man-child can really sing!!! thank you for sharing. xoxo As for me, I'm doing great. Life seems so strange. Good strange but strange. I love that you're joyfully walking your journey. You inspire me so much!

  2. Nice;) happy for you... In the same place as far as healthy changes.... Loving school again. My first paper in ten years came back-88%... Not bad;)

  3. Your son is very courageous and indeed brilliant! This year is going well. Loving that we have had snow here in Maryland, doesn't happen often. Scheming and dreaming of digging my hands in the soil and sowing some seeds. xo

  4. Your absence was noted by me - missed you, but know that you are walking somewhere new and exciting.
    You know I love that voice. No pressure, but when's the album?

    The kids re-entered school today. My heart is breaking more than a little.... I will grieve it, but know too God's got them and me in His plans.

  5. I'm back!!!!
    School went back today
    Catching up on blogs now

  6. Thanks for sharing this video. I loved listening to your son's singing and I loved the words/meaning of the song as well.
    Wishing you and your family a lovely day!

  7. Wow! I have only heard Nate a couple of times, but I just love what he puts out! Thank you for sharing ❤ I too am doing well! Lots of life/family stuff, but little messages for me are coming my way. A very exciting New Year indeed! See you soon! ❤

  8. Your talented singer songwriter boy. Love acoustic! I wonder if he misses being in Australia?
    Happy Friday to you. Got anything fun planned? X


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