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Wednesday, 29 August 2012



Faith is like the shimmering threads
of the spider's web
all the while holding
Hidden Strength

A Fine Line
barely visible in some Light
And completely invisible in others

It holds together 
the entire world of the spider
All that matters
All the gives Life
All that holds Purpose
is found
in those fine threads...
is like that.

I have heard talk of Blind Faith
this is something I know naught of
for my Faith has been Birthed
out of Life's Journey


My body
My heart
My mind
hold the healed scars, 
the hidden marks, 
the faded memories
of the time
Faith made herself known
And She did not come Alone
Faith brought along with Her
for the deep wounds of my heart
to keep my body strong and sure
and Trust...
Trust came to ease my mind
To help Clarity find it's way
Each make Her who she is
And She is found in each of them

Faith has given me a place
to go
when my light seems dimmed
Faith gives me memories
of Spiritual Intervention and Encounter
glimpses of Divine Truth
reminders of the Power of Source
Faith reveals to me
The face of God
and the diversity that lies there in...

Faith has proven to be a friend
I can count on
Though delicate and sometimes hard to see
She remains

She holds within Her
my world
all that matters
all the gives Life
all that holds purpose
all that is me

My Faith is not blind
She lives with Eyes Wide Open
Awake and Engaged
Aware of All around Her
My Faith Lives

My Lovelies,
what does your Faith look like?

Love and Light

(all images taken on our last family adventure to the past
it's the last week of summer break here...will see you soon)


  1. this is so timely!! i loved and needed this. what does my faith look like? shaky at the moment. Your words helped. Words are amazing. what would be do without the wisdom of words. I'm listening to the song now as I type this. Absolutely beautiful xoxo

  2. Again, such gorgeous pictures. I especially LOVE the one of you taking pictures in the field and you're the only color in it. So amazing. Faith to me is like taking a step forward in the dark trusting someone is ahead of me because I can hear their voice.
    Catherine Denton

  3. Lately my faith seems a little foggy, like I can't see clearly. Your words help that fog clear a little - thanks for sharing them. Your pictures our beautiful, as always, and really speak to me!

  4. It is amazing how we think and feel so much alike , that too at the same time. Just now, I was writing in my diary about something related to inner faith. And I saw your comment in my blog and I came here.
    Anyway, for me faith is the only light trough a dark hazy tunnel/road and I follow it. Just as you have said, it is always there, it is the only guiding light.
    The images you have shared here are lovely ! I love the second and the third one very much and you with your camera the most.
    have a nice day !

  5. Yes, I esp echo Dolce's voice today. Actually, her comment could be mine. I feel exactly that way about your photos and the light hazy tunnel:)
    Love to hear your voice:)

  6. mmm, these beautiful words and pictures... they are like balm to me this afternoon, after i spent a harried morning of textbook reading, assignment doing, and online quiz taking. your spiritual words are always so grace filled. i love it. and the pictures are so moving. <3

  7. oh wow - powerful magical words :) and they all resonated deeply within it the upcoming moon? I feel shifting and changing and holding onto faith......beautiful, thanks!
    and ohhhh myyyy - the pics!!!

  8. Yes, yes, and yes.
    This is the faith I have come to know, trust, hold onto, ask of, seek more of, rest in, change in, step into, walk with, follow, learn from.
    God is the strength in those fine threads.

    Love this. And your photos.

  9. Your photos lose me every time I just want to be there with you experiencing life through your lens
    I LOVE the last photo of you xxx

  10. Powerful words and so timely! I needed to read this today, thanks!

  11. Gotta have faith faith faith...I know, how corny, but that song kept nagging at me when I read this post! Sorry!
    We all could use a little trust, belief and faith in this world. Now more than ever! The pics from your trip are so neat. The black and white and redhead! Ha! Brilliant.
    PS I don't know how my profile pic turned into a big minus symbol. It's freaking me out tho. I've been trying to fix it and I'm unable to. I have faith someone will help me fix it. Ugh!

  12. Cat, WOW! thankyou so much for sending me the link - it is absolutley beautiful true and powerful in every way. BEautiful images and words holding such truth. I got goosebumps the whole way through. Love you lady!

  13. I love this:
    "A Fine Line
    barely visible in some Light
    And completely invisible in others"
    Faith is deep, intricate, and knowing. I think it can sometimes be fertile ground for crazy-making, at least it has pushed me to the edge, far beyond what I've felt comfortable with or had rational answers for.

  14. Gorgeous words and photos! I especially love the portrait of you!
    Aaaah faith. I have been thinking about it in terms of 'faith in myself." Not so easy and yet so much magic to be found when there is. . .

  15. Beautiful piece, and so reminds me of my own journey - while delicate and fragile, really does carry hidden strength. I love that.

  16. I loved this post Cat. Thank you for sending me the link. And I've loved seeing your photography again, particularly the photo with the colourful houses. I think that atm, faith for me is like bricks and mortar of a house that is being built. Yes it is invisible but it is so solid and real at the same time too. Each bring represents hard graft, something hard one and something that is being built. Love to you. Hope you have had a lovely weekend. Sx

  17. Thank You so, for inviting me to see Your words, photographs... World. Always, breathing it in feels like stepping through and taking it in.
    Faith. I have been relying heavily on Faith, sometimes it seems so brittle and coarse on the edges, others like a solid stone, worn from worried hands. Still,there and Present. You remind me of it, to note and acknowledge.
    I have been away a bit, taking a step back from writing online and engaging. Listening. I began to feel my talk was deafening my core like a roaring tide. So I am carving out Time to only Be for Now.
    Love to You, Sister.


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