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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Back from the Past....

Hello Lovelies!
I am back...
back from the past

our family adventure
took us on the Cariboo Gold Rush Trail
and had us stepping back in time
The Husband, myself, our little man and Puppy Prince

as with all adventures
there were some "bumps" in the road
but we quickly reminded ourselves
that we still were travelling much easier
then those who went before us

family visits
time on our own
Northern vastness
endless starry skies
and making new friends 
along the way

everyday a gift
everyday a new discovery
every day a memory made

glimpses of deer bounding in the meadow
ground squirrels searching for food in hand
eagles and hawks soaring
soulful stares into big doe eyes

my little man
feeling the part...

so many things to experience
from a pass that paved the way
some stories not so pretty
some down right amazing

family adventures
what a blessing

What have you been up to Lovelies?
I missed you

Love and Light

ps more on those bumps...
funny how they can actually come with the greatest of treasures
we ended up in a truck and trailer mechanic shop
half way to our destination,
with trailer tire troubles
4 hours later and many different puzzles attempted
the problem seemed to be solved
the old timer mechanic asked only for $100
when all was said and done
brought us to tears it did
there is such goodness in the world
too bad these aren't the stories making it on the news
(his hourly shop fee was $150!)
we stopped by on our way home
brought him a horse shoe we picked up along the way
he was our good luck charm
Thanks Chuck
bless your heart!


  1. I love the outfit and what a story about your good luck charm! i am glad that overall it was good:) I love the pictures too..

  2. Stories past and present all warming the heart, your boy plays the part well. Nice pics to treasure. x

  3. what soulfilled pictures!! oh i got the shivers. the good ones so familiar in many ways. i'm so glad you had such a wonderful vacation, bumps and all and amazing about the GOODNESS of people. love it! xxoxo

  4. Welcome back Kit-Kat.
    love the pics, and yay for chuck!

  5. So great to know you're back, with an energy and excitement from travel. Your reflections on the past, those interesting pics of how it use to be. I definitely felt like I went back in time.

  6. Little Man looks like he had a great time exploring the past! Lovely pics friend!

  7. Chuck sounds lovely :) And welcome home!!

  8. Welcome back!! So love that you had a great time.. love the pictures!
    We are moving this weekend, and I can't wait to get back to all my friend's spaces.. have been missing you and everybody so much!
    I love you, friend.
    Talk soon?

  9. That looks like so much fun! And your little man looks like he belongs there. So thankful that Chuck was a sweetheart.
    Catherine Denton


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