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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Honouring Ebb and Flow in The Great Magic...a re-post

Life is a beautiful experience
a gift
full of wonder and magic
there was a time when
these words would not have been my own
I was unable to see past the darkness
that surrounded me
no longer is that so...
I believe in the ebb and flow
that Life offers
I believe that it is
  the Deep Essence of Life
you cannot have one
without the other
and when one is brave enough 
to willing embrace the darkness
the light shines even brighter
and the Deep Magic comes to life
that is The Gift
to those who venture deep...
The Ebb

In uncertainty I walk
the pushing
the pulling
taking it's toll
finding my voice
when lips have been stitched shut
not by Spirit
but by man
treated like a wound

that needs tending to
for fear of power and strength
that would come forth
slowly I cut the threads
I loosen the shackles
realizing I hold the key 
a time of darkness is here
I cannot see where this path leads
I call out
Where are you Spiritual Guides?
Where are you Lover of my Soul?
they answer...
"We are here
You must Trust
use that which you have been given
do not wait idly
all you need you have
within you
And so I continue to walk
staff in hand
into a land unknown
it is barren and lonely
it would appear
nothing here grows 
I pour into it
only emptiness comes back
I lay my love down
and the cracked earth 
sucks it dry
the winds strain my roots
trying to force me down
it draws me in only to
spit me out
but I remain

warrior mother
warrior crone
I will not be shaken
I will not be moved
I will not be afraid

The Flow

Within your Valley of Peace
I am held
cared for

Songs fill the trees
As the Sun filters thru
Dancing leaves upon my page
as the breeze tickles the branches
Golden Light
Transparent Greens
Beauty beyond measure
A babbling brook
Life water it gives

not a care in the world
no worry

no strife
It continues
No beginning
No end
and yet 
sure of it's direction

A stillness is found
in such Valleys
the gift of peace
the gift of calm
the gift of knowing

The Deep Magic
is visible here
Felt by those
who choose to see
A Magic 
that we are all part of
A Magic deep within
each of us
That comes from the place
from which all things come

It rumbles beneath the Earth
It flies amongst the trees
It lingers in the wind
The beautiful Magic of Life
Here in the Valley
I find You 
Lover of my Soul...
Always You

Recently I read this quote
which sums up my thoughts beautifully...

"Life is magical, but it doesn't mean it is easy.
If life is too easy, you can't see the magic because ti is not necessary.
The magic comes when you have a brave soul
and are willing to explore deep within.
Magic is a reward for that."
~Seong Yoo Lee
(Buddhist Monk)

I re-posted this because I loved it so much
when I re-read it
it was a year ago when I first posted it
and I love seeing the movement
and growth with in myself
since then...

A blessed weekend I bid you all
my lovelies
I retreat to the land of blessings
a time with family from out of town 
enjoying the local flavours
a time of hearts songs and laughter
What do you seek this weekend lovelies?

Love and Light


  1. What lovely pictures your words paint. This line was my fav"I pour into it
    only emptiness comes back
    I lay my love down
    and the cracked earth
    sucks it dry
    the winds strain my roots
    trying to force me down
    it draws me in only to
    spit me out
    but I remain
    warrior "
    I could FEEL that and see it with every fibre of my being.
    Yes ...
    Both are needed
    Magic can come in the night. I find that a lot:)
    I need a green quiet forest:)
    Enjoy yours!

  2. what can I say to this? kmarie said it so well. I could feel this too. so so deep in me. so much strength no matter the ebbs ( and magic.. my fav word eveeeerrrr) xo love you

  3. Exactly what I needed to read this evening...absolutely everything I am experiencing. Yesterday I painted a rock with the words "I Believe" on it, slept with it in my hand last night. I need to "BELIEVE" there is "good and magic" possible. So much I do not understand about life??? Beautiful words! Thank you!!!


    P.S. Have a beautiful weekend, Cat!

  4. Let the magic happen for you, maiden of love an' light! That sweet little boy has some serious art supplies! I'm seeking out peace and quiet this weekend, with a canvas in front of me and some old Boz Scaggs ( My Time - 1972) blaring through the speakers. Stay cool, all the lovelies of the world!

  5. beautiful words:
    Life is magical, but it doesn't mean it is easy.
    i couldn't agree more.
    thanks for sharing your ebb and flow with so much honor for what is residing within your dark and your light.

  6. Love your ebb and flow
    I love your words written from the heart xxx

  7. I remember this!
    It 'twas a beautiful time when you did your owl painting by the creek!
    Ebb and flow, back atcha, babe!

  8. Love this.
    I'm feeling this in my heart often these days.

    I fight to accept that with hardships you find beauty, but it is so so SO true.
    I realize it every time.

    1. it is a concept we are not taught to embrace in our society, but it remains true non the less
      it is the ebb and flow of a real life...

      love to you Ashley

      love and light

  9. It is good to remember the ebb and flow...beautiful!

  10. Also been meaning to tell you I love the new picture at the top of your blog:)


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