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Monday, 1 July 2013

A Soul-full Journey Day 21&22

it is always around this time of any challenge
where I find myself
the most stretched
when ever I do a half marathon
it is between the 17km mark
and the 19 km mark
where I struggle the most
I want it to be done
I question why I did it to begin with
I want to stop running and walk
oh yes walk
the heaven of walking
but the one time I actually gave in
and tried that
I found out it was actually harder on my body to 
stop what it had been doing already for almost 2 hours
it was easier to just keep going
until I was done

and so I sit with this challenge
I am challenged with keeping on track
the hardest thing right now 
is to come here and write about
what it is I am doing
and what it is
I have been learning

with Aiden home
and summer in full swing
the last place I want to be is
in front of this lap top....

so a quick re-cap
of day 21 & 22

Day 21
a day of friendship and fun 
these kinds of days feed another part of the soul
my BFF took her two girls
to see Taylor Swift and asked if I wanted to tag along
for the ride
it wasn't just her
it was her sister in laws
with their girls
and some other friends
with daughters
there was about 12 kids in all
Taylor Swift is not exactly my music type
she did put on a great show for her fans
and watching the concert 
through the eyes of my girlfriends
was magic
Sometimes that is the lesson
to see what is before you
through the eyes of a child
full of wonder and awe
it is easy to become cynical and negative
in our world
but the children teach us other wise...
that is a truth
I hold on to...

Day 22
Family Day
the heat of summer has come full blast
this weekend
like hit us all up side the head kind of fast
so we retreated to the forest
hiking in the coolness
of the rain forest
and hanging out by the creek
There was all sorts of work
that could have been done around the house
but this was a day of playing hooky
and enjoying each other
and our beautiful world
a picnic lunch
swimming in the cold creek
eating huckle berries and salmon berries
and just being together
these are beautiful times
where my soul sings
and is ever grateful
for what I have been given.

Day 23
5:30 am
I am about to bring this post to a close
Today me and my little man
head up to my BFF's cabin
for a few days
Her cabin is on a little island
off the coast
no roads
no stores
no cars
jsut other little cabins
peppered around the island
an island small enough to walk around...
A break from "it all"
will be good for both of us
But right now
I need to pack and get ready
so I bit you farewell my lovelies
until I return
with adventures and stories
to share

Love and Light

ps to my Canadian Lovelies
Happy Canada Day!
we do live in a land of great freedom
and that should not be taken for granted
embrace and celebrate 
your freedom


  1. I appreciate you- the time you took to put yourself in front of that damn computer, and write something... for my enjoyment :)

  2. Happy Canada day

    .. .. and .. .. I do a 6km fun mud run this weekend

    I started the birthday book last night

    Love and Light

  3. Have a wonderful break Cat, may your body and soul be nourished!!!

  4. Hope you had a beautiful Canada Day, Cat!! What a fun time with your friend and her girls at Taylor's concert!! I so get what you mean when you say children teach us...oh yes!! Love you! Enjoy your soltace with Aiden and your sweet friend at her cabin. What I wouldn't give for some time like that right now.

    Love you!

  5. Yes yes - Happy Canada Day. I simply cannot think of anything better right now than a cabin in the woods with your BFF. Enjoy these hot and soul-nourishing days of summer.

  6. Happy Canada Day...I can relate to wanting to be outside and enjoying rather than on a computer inside. Weather is too nice right now...enjoy it!

  7. Getting away from it all.
    Leaving it all behind.
    Is everything.
    Have fun in the little cabin.

  8. Thank you my lovelies
    so nice to come home and see you have been by
    I will be back soon

    love and light


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