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Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Soul-Full Journey...Day 28 & 29

Day 28

TRX Full Body
a lively class this morning
I enjoyed it so much I decided to stay for the next class
Hatha Yoga
it brought me back home...
gave me back my "land feet"
so to speak
re-entry can be a challenge for me
does this resonate with you?
I love my home
I love my family
I also
I love the magic of adventure
blending these two worlds
always brings some sort of
after an awesome morning at the yoga studio
 my inner warrior made her way
to the forefront
and I was back 
in center

me and the little man
along with one of his friends
set up the pool.....
I started cleaning out the travel trailer
getting it ready
for the summer adventures ahead
I love that home-away-from-home
"The Gord-Lord"

Then came an afternoon
with a glass of wine (or two)
and a great book

This is one of my favorite things about summer
the indulgence of reading
in the middle of the day
pure magic in the garden
pure magic in my soul
as I sink into the mystery of summer

out that night for some social time
and yet
so happy when it was time to go home.
Day 29

just one more day left to this challenge
30 days of a Soul-filled Journey
here I am
one day away from the end
But there will be so many things
I take with me...
but those are for tomorrow
I share with you pieces of me...
via my home

our home is over 60 years old
a bit of a grandma's house
small by today's standards
but perfect for us
with a very large back yard that 
backs on to a green belt
 I love this home and it was a gift
how was came about purchasing this home
is a story of miracles in itself
sure there are some things that if I dreamed
I would change
but for the most part
I live here with great gratitude.

lets start with the basement
guest room....ready for any one of you!
family room...the most used room in our home
downstairs hallway leading to my work space and my husbands

my sacred space

my husbands work space along with his employee

downstairs bathroom

laundry room and storage area...the one room we have left "old stye" I love it this way

basement entrance

time to go upstairs : )

little man's bedroom


master and mistress bedroom...where all the magic happens lol

upstairs bathroom

upstairs everything!

this is one room I would change...a galley kitchen has it's challenges as here everyone gathers

but we make it work...we have had up to 12 people socializing in this has a way of making the walls stretch

dinning room

living room and the least used room in our is mostly used only when we have guests or large dinner parties

I have to say our home does not just reflect me, but my husband and boys too

our back yard...heaven

our front yard...won't you join me for a cold drink by the front pond?

herb and veggie garden

fire pit

shed and yard storage

pieces of me
as seen through my home and surroundings
I am blessed
this I know to be true.
I had a friend do this a while back
and I loved going through her home with her
even though I had been there
so I thought I would give it a go
a type of gratitude meditation
capturing these images
the little man and I had done house keeping
in the morning
seemed the perfect time
to be taking some photos
; )

Hope you enjoyed walking with me
in my world, my lovelies...

Love and Light


  1. I love this space. And I love that I know your home - and it is just that a "home" which reflects you all. Love it.

    1. ...and I LOVE that you were here!!!
      in time
      I will be there

      love and light dear friend

  2. I was just looking at those photos and thinking wow Gail actually stayed there!!! And I've stayed with Gail, so it kind of connects us more!!! Hmmmm? Lol
    Love seeing more of your home. I always remember that email you sent me of pics from your closet. Coolest email ever.
    Love you friend

    1. lol
      truly truly
      I was actually thinking about that email when I was doing this!
      loven' you
      from across the oceans

      love and light

  3. Thank you Cat, for sharing the pictures of your beautiful home. I must say, you have decorated your space in a elegant way. I am dying to live in a spacious home like yours ! I love the Master and Mistress room decor so much.The living room and dining room's decor also caught my eye.
    Would love to read more about your Hatha Yoga practice in your upcoming post,
    take care,

    1. thank you S
      our home is very spacious...I agree
      I love that you reminded me of that; as where I live
      it is considered small...but by the majority of the rest of the worlds standards it is large and our yard is like a dream
      It is all perspective isn't it.
      My brother-in-law made that bed for us...he is a log home builder and a gifted woodworker; I love that room too
      so lovely to have you here again my friend

      love and light

  4. Your soul-filled journey is overflowing!!
    Fun home tour. The little man did a fine job of tidying up his room! ;)
    These summer days are treating you well. And your journey will continue...

    1. I always look forward to your prophetic word my sister!
      thank you for your voice and encouragement

      love and light

  5. I love your home so much!! Thank you for sharing it. I'm glad you mentioned you and your little man had cleaned up that morning because our home never looks like tidy lol ;) love you! xox

    1. lol yes I thought the same when I looked at the photos after posting them!!!

      glad you enjoyed that!

      love and light♥

  6. Yay you did it!!!!! Now I can picture you more in your place;) I love it all! I must say that the basement is incredible - most basements do not look that good;) I love all the little details and colours you put in! And the yard is fantastic. So big! I wasn't expecting that. Also a lot of vegetation!!! I wish we were coming this summer but we are not able to anymore;( another time perhaps? What an inspired post and journey! I was honoured to witness it and am so proud of you for doing it!;)

    1. yup
      i did it
      thanks to your inspiration!
      It's a good basement : )
      we love this house

      and whenever you can come
      the door is open♥

      love and light

  7. What a beautiful day you described and so fun to be walking through your world, seeing the spaces that nurture your heart and soul! Of course, I leaned in close to see the book you were reading as I too think of summer as a time to find a quiet corner in nature and get lost in a good book!

    Congratulations on your practice here! I commend anyone who can be so focused in the summer months! I seem to get lost in time ... and good books! xo

    1. oh good to see you here!

      summer is the time for lighter reads and dreaming...I tend to read the deeper content during the rest of the year...but summer is the time to get lost in story and fantasy : )

      thanks for walking through my world
      love to you and yours
      love and light

  8. This is such a lovely thing to do, opening up your home to us, makes me feel close :~)xxx

    1. come on by Suey!!!!

      love and light

  9. Your home and garden - Sheer beauty and comfort in every space! You are blessed! You inspired me to perhaps do a similar post. Our homes are such an extension of us... and yours is so, so very lovely. :)

    1. I am so blessed Sandra...and doing this kind of photo meditation reminded me of that
      I recommend doing it!

      thanks for stopping by
      Love and Light

  10. Very nice pics, feel lucky that I have actually been in all those rooms!! I am glad you are going to mindfully enjoy this summer season because it is my favourite time of year. I love the rhythm of summer, the time spent outdoors, the warmth,the sunshine, the quieter routines. I look forward to having our families gather together for summer fun - maybe a wiener roast :)

    1. I feel luck to have had you in those rooms!!! Even G!!! lol
      we will have and adventure or two this summer I am sure!

      love and light dear friend
      thank you for always taking the time to come too G!♥


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