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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

We Gather...

This past weekend I had the immense pleasure
of taking a little pilgrimage to 
the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, USA

I was there to gather
with Pixie Campbell
and some other beautiful beings...

to gather is to...
:to bring together into a group
: to choose and collect
: to get or take  from different people or places and bring them together

I have been gathering
in one form or another
for as long as I can remember
it has always been an
important part of my life
And now
in this life of 
and living fully in/for Spirit
Gathering has become an important part
of my spiritual practice

*It feeds my Soul*

I come to circle to nourish my being
to sup at the table of Life giving bread
and to drink of the Life giving waters
It is a  place to 
strengthen and quench
to renew and refresh
to love and be loved.

Here in circle
I am challenged and encouraged
Veils are lifted
and Connections deepened
It is a Sacred Space
The Holy of Holies
The Mystic Hall
It is different from the place I was brought up in
but it is my place to be
A place where I can bring my Jesus, my Mary
and all that is dear to me
A place of non-judgment
where boundaries are broken
and all who want to be there
are welcome
a place where diversity rules
and God is seen in everything.
And then there is that special joy that comes
when you meet a sister/teacher/friend for the first time 
face to face
after connecting for over 4 years
in this medium of Blog World

yup I was pretty thrilled..such a geek lol

The weekend now feels like a blur
and yet each of those women
who gathered there that day
are now a part of my being
we shared something sacred
and that will remain with us
till our dying day...
I feel so very blessed
as I continue to 
marinate, unpackage, and soul journey
all that transpired.
On my way back
I stopped in Seattle and
ended my pilgrimage
with a beautiful lunch

and an even more
beautiful friend...
an afternoon of even more soul time
with the lovely Kelly of Umber Dove

The Harvest has been a time
of great Bounty
I feel so very blessed
and bow deep with Gratitude
my cup runneth over
and my heart bursts.

What has been in your harvest basket my lovelies?

Love and Light

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  1. Wow Catherine, I not only read the words, I feel them deeply! what an amazing meeting of beautiful souls. Love it sister...Love. S.xx

    1. truly it was sister....

      love and light

  2. So, absolutely lovely! I can feel your gratitude through your words. Love, love, love! xoxo

    1. yes yes yes Mandy
      such a beautiful thing when women gather

      love and light

  3. GAHHH!!!! To have been there!!!! :) oxoxoxo

    1. that time will come friend!

      love and light

    2. hey, just realized our profile pic is similar lol

  4. So awesome to meet you in circle Cat! I adore the picture of you and Pixie! Mwah!

    1. you too are beautiful!
      I will return

      lol that picture is hilarious!

      love and light

  5. It looks and sounds beautiful when woman can gather together and share each other's souls. I feel a little jealous that you got to meet Pixie:)

  6. *It feeds my soul* that did it for me. so beautiful, all of this xoxo

    1. I know you get this♥

      thank you
      love and light

  7. Great bounty of Umber smiles!
    That's a happy picture of you two.
    Warms my heart. ;)
    You are blessed, Minnie hehe. (Couldnt resist)

    1. I LOVE that you call me Minnie hehehe

      bounty indeed!♥

      love and light

  8. all those colours and all those friends.
    you are truly blessed.


    1. truly

      I feel it

      love and light

  9. I need a gathering in my life right now. I can feel your excitement, what an amazing experience.


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