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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Sisters of Light...a time of transformation and transmutation

 They were 6
each from different sides of the earth

they came together by chance
or so it would seem
soon founding out
there was no such thing as chance
that the Divine plan was real...
alive and breathing 
 weaving them together by Their Divine Connection
calling them to gather
and gather they did.

For two years they were faithful
coming together
in the upper room
at dawn
 Where they laid out their journeys
 shared their hopes and dreams
 gathered support and offered wisdom
and honoured The Great Spirit.

And together they grew a bound 
that surpassed time and space
A bound that brought their "highselves"
together again and again
to dance amongst the stars
and breathe the fairy dust of Love
deep into their beings
so that their humans selves
lived in the knowledge
of the Great Beyond
and the Deep Magic
that is
with out any doubt
learning to surrender to the will
of the I am 
and trust the Love that Is.

Then one day
The Great Spirit came to them
and said
"No More"

These words sent fear and grief into their hearts
but in their journey
they had learned to listen
to be still
and to trust.
 To go beyond the immediate
and to rise up like the Eagle
seeing all from a wider perspective.

And so it was
they listened deeper
they sought wider 
and they listened in stillness
to understand
what was being asked of them.

And the Great I Am spoke to each of their hearts
telling them
that nothing remains the same
to everything there is a season
under heaven.
They had proven themselves
They had shown their commitment
and now
it was time to go out on their own
to take what they learned
and let it grow in the freedom
of their own lives.
They would still be connected
Divinely so
and nothing would change that.
This was a new season.
A new Journey 
The reflection of the Ebb and Flow that is. 
They had answered the call
and done what they were called to do
and now
a new calling had been place forth
a calling
to go even deeper.

One by one they heard it
and through tears of grief
and mist-understanding
they knew it to be true.

This was the next season
one in which they would not come together
as they once had...
something new was on the horizon.

They began to unravel the transformation
they had each experienced
over the past two years.
Watching as old skins had been shed
and new ones provided.
They saw the hand of God
carry them from place to place
within their soul
revealing the truth of who they were.
And they knew
that with such transformation
there comes transmutation.
Things simply
remain the same.

And through tears
and laughter
they found themselves stronger
*not weaker*
standing apart
For the Divine Connection did not break
it only grew between them
touching all those who walked in this space
between them 
all the souls they came in contact with
all the hearts they were around.

they would continue to gather
in the way they were called to
committing to their practice
committing to the Source
from which they came
and one day
would return back to.

Sisters of Light
they would continue to be.
Letting their Light shine
Pouring into the world
the Great Truth
 they are living.

 Whats transforming in you these days 
my lovelies?

Love and Light


  1. So beautiful, Cat! I love that, touching all those who walked in this space between them. Powerful.

    1. thank you for noticing that Catherine
      it is such an important truth to know that we affect those around us, far more than we think...just with our energy and essence

      thanks for stopping by
      love and light

  2. LOVE IT! your words truly and profoundly expresses the essence of our last gathering, this is perfect - thank you my dear sister of light. Love Sylvie

    1. love you sister ♥

      love and light

  3. beautiful, profound wisdom ♥ xoxo

  4. i am always transformed when i come to visit you here....


    1. you honour me with your words M
      thank you

      love and light

  5. I admire your willingness to go beyond what has been so good and walk into the greatness of the unknown. Your beautiful words tell the story so well.

    1. sometimes
      there just is no other way
      but to listen
      and follow

      it is good sister
      oh so good!

      love and light


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