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Monday, 4 November 2013

Music Monday...

Learning to Be All that is within me:
over flowing
breaking down
building up
heart breaking
heart bursting

This past weekend I hosted my first art show
of my intuitive photography
You lovelies get to preview a lot of my captures here
 But this was my "coming out" night.
I could not ask for anything better.
On so many levels
it was perfect.

I felt it took Courage
to put myself out there like that.
As much as there is some truth to that,
 looking back I can see
I made it way more a "deal"
then need be....
 I had to break through
my own walls
to find that out.
(this is a captured image of a very unique world class surfer checking out his next surf... thats courage)

Courage to move past
your conditioning
Courage to step out 
and Be
Courage to Break Free
from the mold not made for you
Courage to Speak
when ears are closed
Courage to remain still
in the eye of the storm
Courage to raise a lantern
in dark times
Courage to give when there
is nothing left
Courage to love
and be loved
Courage to take a stand
when others don't
Courage to love yourself
Courage to Live Free
~Catherine Beerda-Basso

This week my lovelies
Live in Courage
and find out
you did not need it as much as you thought.

Love and Light  


  1. I'm floating on your words and images just so beautiful, both!
    I needed the encouragement today...
    Yes sometimes we do make things bigger in our minds, I was the same when I hosted a Yoga & Art retreat...
    Have been part of exhibitions in the past but not solo, I don't feel daunted by this and should get on with it myself, you've inspired me.

    Hugs x

    1. yes Sue you should
      your work is so special
      love that you floated through this post ♥

      love and light

  2. It WAS a big deal. You took that first leap to show the world your passion for photography. Your STORIES. The nervous excitement is all part of it. And look at the outcome! Ta da!
    If only to have been there to see your smile through those auburny curls.
    And that image of the surfer checking out the waves. You took that? Where was it taken? 'A picture tells a story, don't it' (thank you, Rod Stewart) ;)
    Happy coming out & congrats!

    1. leap leap leap
      just like the deer

      actually that image was captured by my husband I was standing beside him...the next day we caught up with this guy...he was form Texas and had surfed all over the world..he was driving a custom jeep with 4 custom surf boards...this was his first trip to never forget people like him....

      love and light sister

  3. all of it ♥ it's so true.."Live in Courage and find out
    you did not need it as much as you thought." such truth! xoxo

  4. A gift for words and photography!
    I am overdue a letter to you! (it will happen) xx

    1. good to "see" you friend
      I may have some news for you in the near near future
      we will be in touch friend
      you are always in my heart ♥

      love and light

  5. Some things that seem like they should be easy, just aren't. When I read your words about Courage I realize that yes, it takes courage to do things like be ourselves, to live free, to love. Thanks for sharing these beautiful words with us. P.S. I loved your art show!!!

    1. thanks for all your help with it!!!

      love and light

  6. Such wise insights the photos.

    I admire your courage and progress

    Big warm hug

    1. thank you my sister....
      we are all on this journey together
      glad to have you with me xo

      love and light

  7. Thank you so much for this post, and your inspiring courage and amazing work. You remind me to walk with courage.

    1. and thank you for coming here and reading my words
      you are the reason I keep writing♥

      love and light


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