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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My own transformation...

Things are changing here
in this space,
have you felt it?
Since the summer
things have not been the same for me
not just here
but in many areas of my life.

Change is always inevitable.

Things are slowing down
though I have never had so many things on the go
as I do right now
a definite storm before the calm  
I won't go into what I am doing
it's not as important as the desire I have
to disconnect and pull away from this 
hustle and bustle world.
I know it has a lot to do with where I live.
An over populated metropolitan area
where suburbs now run into each other 
making the boundaries so blurded
we might as well call it all

But I long for the stillness of my studio
where I can birth the stories
that sit on my chest
and digest in my stomach.
The ones that wait in my ribs
and are racing through my blood
while living in my cells.

It will come
but to all things there is a process
Transformation takes time...

As I write that I think of Butterfly
How even after she leaves her cocoon
fulling transformed
into her hew beautiful self
she sits and waits.
Before she sets off into her new life
she has to hang for a while
so her wings can inflate.
She then has to wait for them to dry
and harden.
This process can take up to 6 hours.

Could you imagine
you've been cocooned for months
during which time you have gone through
an amazing transmutation;
one in which you can now FLY!!!
But yet
you sit
you wait
you remain
until the time is just right.

I think that is where I am at.
Waiting for my wings to inflate...
and this cannot happen too quickly 
or I will be crippled
for life
it is a delicate process...
perfectly timed
by a Perfect Creator 
and so

in the best way I know how

I wait...
for what it is
that is meant to come.

What are you waiting for my lovelies?
Love and Light


  1. Just such a lovely post Cat! Yes, I think the same process is what I am going through... You tell it so beautifully, I'll let you know when I feel the stirring to just lift my wings ready for breeze to take me forward... x

    1. thank you Sue!
      It is good to have others who understand
      and yes
      please let me know when the wind takes you

      love and light

  2. Oh goodness Cat, how I relate to you so much! Sometimes I get tired of being in that cocoon, but patience has never been my strong suit anyway. Looking inward and honoring process, this is what Fall brings I think...I'll be thinking of you dear friend.

    1. I think patience is hard for most of us in our culture...over all we are not taught to be patient nor are we taught to cultivate patience....
      I want to be patient
      I want to be still
      I know it is necessary....
      it is good to know there are others on the journey.
      thank you for being here my lovely♥

      love and light

  3. Great reminder Catherine about "the delicate process". I tend to forget that sometimes. S. xx

    1. so easy to forget easy
      love seeing you here : )

      love and light

  4. Oh, changes! I seem to be having a slight identity crisis these days with all of the changes that have occurred in the past four months. May you find the stillness you need to fully unfurl your wings. xoxo

    1. yes you have been through alot of BIG changes Mandy
      I hope you sink in this season of fall and feel at home : )
      thank you for the blessing that you are

      love and light

  5. waiting with you ♥ things are changing here too even as things slow , there is a ramping up. i feel a massive shift coming too in my life. i loved this post very much. it sang to me. xo

    1. yes yes sister
      something is coming

      I love that this post sang to you!

      love and light

  6. If only I could be patient.
    I'm waiting for joy to take the place of restlessness. How oh how, can I take what the butterfly has to teach us? I will try to stop, be still and learn to wait. Thank you. xo

    1. you can do it sweet can!
      it takes practice...over and over and over again

      love and light

  7. Thank you for always reminding me that there is a story and a beauty to be found in the journey. In my waiting times, I easily forget this and just get discouraged. I look forward to seeing you with your wings open wide, flying into what the Creator has planned for you.

    1. I know that discouragement all too well my friend..
      but these times of waiting are not meant to discourage us...this I know too
      so now I just decide which truth I want to live by and take in

      thanks for reading♥

      love and light

  8. i'm loving your transformation, for i, too, am changing....evolving....budding forth....
    so i cannot wait to see how *you* transform, how *i* transform....
    we go through processes together yet separate.
    and it is so good to know you.


    1. as it is good to know you my dear sweet Miss are lovely to the core!

      love and light

  9. This was so beautiful.
    I have been going through major transformation. From my heart, to my mind, to simple tasks of every day life... and how gorgeous, the story of the butterfly. Learning this really really touched me. Thank you.


    1. thank you sweet ahsley
      it is good to be heard and understood
      may you too find yourself expanding your wings, when the time is right

      love and light

  10. looking forward to hearing of the changes coming my friend. I'm sorry I've not been around here as much as I would like... too much hustle and bustle. :) Love to you. Will be thinking of you as you wait for the right timing for next things...

    1. ahhhh Sophie
      you are a gem
      lovely to see you here

      love and light friend

  11. Your transformation and subsequent waiting will yield magic far beyond anything unnatural or rushed. I for one have adored seeing the growing from afar, it must be astounding to be up close to that glowing soul of yours; lucky Canadians ;) xo

    1. thank you wise woman
      your words ring truth to mine
      thank you for bearing witness to my growth
      as i have to yours
      and will continue to do so

      much love and light Sunny!

  12. I adore the beauty and delicious freedom of evolving..transforming. It's glorious, and wherever you go I will always think of you. Be free to follow your bliss.. tho I have gotten quiet with comments, I do read your offerings. Will miss them, but look onward with you in your new season. oxxo

    1. thank you sister
      I don't plan to leave this place entirely
      but I have slowed down
      once a week seems the perfect visit for me right now
      love knowing that you are here reading♥

      love and light


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