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Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Some times
you just need a best friend
a hot drink

and an adventurous 3 year old...

filled with curious and wonder.

Sometimes you just need
 a morning walk by the ocean

in a magical land where people reside on the water

living and co-habitating by their own laws.

A land where the heron chills...

where there are benches to sit on

where the eagles make out...
(get a nest!)

where homes come cheap

and the meat ball soup is in abundance
AND very nutritious and delicious.

Sometimes you just need 
to be in a land where bikes hang on loft sides

and boots are used as mailboxes.

A place
where the hawk stands guard

or sits...

whatever it is...

he chooses to do....


whatever it is he is guarding.

All this
and then
 to return 
to the peace and tranquility
of a home filled with love and light
and magic stones
and mystical crystals
and naked children laughing in the warm waters
of Hawaii

A home that has
little hands playing with lego
while big hands put things away.

And where the fires burn warm and hot
well hotter than warmer...
actually very hot
fire hot
as indeed 
it is a fire.

Yes my lovelies
sometimes you just need a day like today
when you can walk and talk with someone who knows you 
who sees you
who gets you 
and you her.
When you are reminded that we are all going through things
learning the lessons of life and death
rejecting the status quo for something deeper
and more meaningful.
A day when you are reminded
that life is beautiful
and the earth is speaking
and God is watching
and Love is abundant.
A day where the goofy and the joyful
can dance in the face of adversity and uncertainty
Where money is rocks
and food is sticks
Where peeing and having your aunty take a picture
of you doing so 
is the most wonderful thing in the world
so much so you want to do it again on your door step but this does not go over too well with mommy and aunty.
A day where dogs do weird things
and people do even weirder things.
Where truck trailers have powers
and cookie crumbs get into belly buttons.
Yes my lovelies
is a day
we all should have...

What are you doing today?

Love and Light


  1. Gorgeous post Cat. And thank you so much for the lovely postcard too. I pray 2013 is an amazing year for you lovely lady xx

  2. What a lovely day cat! Your beautiful words and pictures made me feel like I was there xxx

  3. what a perfect day, full of joy and quirkyness.
    thank you for the simple and lovely escape!

  4. perfection!! it's been awhile for lighthearted days for me but this inspires me. thank you for this. absolutely wonderful! ( such beautiful pics too, love love love!)

  5. I loved your day, I love you! xxx

  6. O,what a capture of Life in this Day! So very present and true without awkward constraint. Thank You for sharing this. I adore strolling by the water, witnessing the houseboats. Thinking of the minimalism inside the cozy interiors. Just so much Living here in these photographs, Your Day. All the Love to You & Yours.


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