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Friday, 4 January 2013

a little something....

but never Alone...

I have hear the rumbling
I have read the words
the loneliness of the journey...

Sometimes Sisters
Sometimes we feel the loneliness of the solitude
the solitude one finds while walking out the
Soulitude of our journey
but never alone

at times...
We all feel lonely
We all feel the solitude
We all feel the isolation

This is part of the journey
the part when we learn to trust
that which has been knit inside of us
that which was given to us
the moment we came to be
in the moments in which we were created
This is the part of the journey
where we learn to trust such things.

In the solitude of Soulitude 
we learn to turn to our own Spirit
In my journey I have come to learn
that feeling lonely is more normal than not
it is part of the journey to find our
God given Spiritual Strength with ourselves...
then in others.
It is the lesson for all who journey
and becomes more prevalent as the journey
becomes more intentional.

So Live feeling lonely
And Live like you are never alone
Take Heart and know there is a season for all things
When you walk with companions...cherish it
When you walk in solitude...embrace it
And as you walk in solitude
look among the trees
you might be surprised to see
others not walking beside you
but others walking with you.

but never Alone

happy weekend my lovelies
Love and Light

Sometimes one can learn much more about life, love, and happiness, when they're single (alone) than when they're in a relationship(with others), when they're looking for work than when they're working, when they're confused than when they're clear, and so on...

And if they allow themselves to learn what there is to learn, rather than resist, their life will be transformed, and that which was, will be no longer.

~The Universe 


  1. This is a major thing in my life. Thank you for speaking to this mystery of loneliness and how to hold it and also know we're never alone. This- I will come back to read many many time so when you see a major jump in obsessive stats on some days ;)- it will be me reading your very very wise words. thank you so much for writing this and sharing it with us xoxo

  2. "....we learn to trust that which has been knit inside of us."
    i love this.

  3. deep soul sigh.
    Needed this.
    so very much.

  4. you spoke from your heart directly to mine
    thank you

  5. Oh thank you for this. Thank you for the reminder that I'm never alone. XO

  6. Yes I agree loneliness is a teacher, given time we learn the lessons as you described perfectly, I'm so glad to know you, I feel your presence strongly!



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