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Monday, 26 December 2011

Monday Offerings...Jesus

The other day someone ask me if I believed the immaculate conception of Jesus...
I replied that I did 
that was hard for her to understand
for her it was more of a case of
see in believing
I reminded her that miracles and unexplained things are happening everyday around us...
"Like what?" 
Like life
the miracle of life
that happens everyday and we take it for granted...
Our bodies
the miraculous science of our bodies
that happen everyday and we take it for granted.
not even going into all the
unexplainable things
that happen to people
the "coincidences"
the "chance" happenings
lives saved
sickness' healed.....
it was hard for her to understand such things
perspective is everything
the conversation went on....

It was a great conversation
 One that caused me to reflect
To go deep with in my own faith and belief
and look at Jesus...

 my teacher, my friend, my guide.
What he represented, when he walked this earth
The things he did,
for those who reached out.
The truths he spoke
How he provoked thought with his stories
and questions
challenging all those around him to reflect
within themselves
their lives
their beliefs
their actions.
Jesus was a simple man
born to simple means
when times where not that simple
Government and Church controlled the people 
and freedom of thought was not something that was embraced
Money held power
and poverty and ignorance allowed for control...
sound familiar?

I am reading this book right now.
It is fiction,
but an interesting view inside the very human mind
of a man with a higher origin and purpose.
(Ann Rice also has two books depicting the early life of Jesus)

For me, Jesus transcended human reality,
but yet he lived it in full.
Feeling sadness, pain, isolation, uncertainty, fear.
Jesus connects me to that which is bigger than myself..
he brings Divinity within grasp.

This time of year brings it all home for me.
The reality that the simplest of people can be the most important.
That we are not measured by the material, 
but by the spiritual.
That believing in something means 
walking it out
speaking it out
standing it out.

My Jesus lives beyond religious romantic views.
He lives in the place where real life happens.
He is a man of Grace
a Grace that lives and breathes
a Grace that stops a woman from getting stoned
a Grace that allows children to get excited and unruly
a Grace that gives Love and Acceptance to prostitutes 
a Grace that sits
without judgement
 with men whose business is corrupt....
a Grace that sees beyond the immediate outer layer of a person
a Grace that looks at the heart...

Recently a sister-friend sent me a gift
In it there was a quote from Jesus
~She is not dead; only sleeping~
That was me at one time in my life
not dead, as I thought,
just sleeping.

What does Jesus look like to you?

Love and Light


  1. Beautiful Cat - I love Anne Rice's books about Jesus (written in first person)... another amazing insight into His life. <3

  2. The way your words melt into me is bliss.
    There are so many layers to Jesus for me. The mystical connection and also the real connection. I think of him as a brother sometimes. I don't have a brother but I see Jesus as so wise, so beautiful, so compassionate and kind and non judgmental, someone you can always go to and always be listened to. He is a feeling to me. The words what "would Jesus say" when I am being a little too human, help me ( after the fact) ;) I can't get through the Sermon on the Mount without crying my eyes out. It's my go to place when I just don't get the world and a lot of the people in it. I loved watching that guy paint btw. I saw a beautiful upside down painting done to gorgeous music. I may put it in a blogpost. You've inspired me xo

  3. This is my most favorite post of all of your posts yet! You said it all so beautifully...and truly.
    Grace. Something I need as a gift each day.
    Thanks Cat.
    I hope you had a wonderful CHristmas with your family. It's taking me a very long time to catch up!

  4. oh i love this post!! i love any post that talks about my Jesus...and shows Him in the beautiful light in which He exists. this SO blessed my heart today! you ask what Jesus looks like to me... you kind of said it all. Jesus looks like Love. and He looks like Grace. He looks like God in flesh. the God who embraces, who heals, who awakens, who brings light into dark places. thank you for sharing this beautifulness with us.

  5. Beautiful post Cat. For me Jesus is all these things - divine and powerful but friend and trustworthy. He is the one who can redeem anything, love that bit about not dead just sleeping. Beautiful


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