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Monday, 12 December 2011

Monday Offerings...late at night

Everyone is asleep...well except perhaps the teenager whose music is still floating, on low, from his room.
I have 15 minutes left to share with you Monday's Offerings
I have been in a strange place this past week or so...tired, stretch and spent.
But I insist on still enjoying those things I LOVE about this time of setting up the Christmas Village in my bay window.
I just finished.
In the silence of my home, whilst everyone of my men were tucked in bed, with a glass of red wine as my companion, I finished putting it up.
I have left the trees, people and other accents to be put up by my youngest, upon his request, tomorrow.
Yes, I should have been in bed...hours ago in fact
but I love doing it...and I did not want to miss that love
After all I only get it once a year...

Something to be cherished...

No matter where I might be, there are so many things, I can still count on.

Love and Light


  1. Your post reads like a soft song. And I can picture that village in your window. And as for being in a weird place, here's a((Hug)).
    Catherine Denton

  2. Dearest C, I wonder these last few days if the taut place we find ourselves in has something to do with the darkest days of the year and the cold...
    something formative happens here :)

  3. To YOU From ME
    Love Light and Hugs
    From one Cat to another


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