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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Seeking.....Self Love

"Seeking approval of others hinders my JOYOUSNESS.
~if the way you feel depends on anything outside of you, you're in trouble--but if you can depend only upon your connection with your Own Inner Being, then everything in your experience falls into alignment." makes sense doesn't it?
Connecting with Self
Depending on Self
Loving Self

Self Love
The Key to Peace the passes all understanding.

I have heard it said in some circles that self denial is best.
Loving Self is a sign of conceit.
Tell me....
how is it conceit if your love for Self is a reflection of the  Love that made you, that formed you, that poured pureness into you.
Is it not whole, to love Love and to love that which Love creates?

The road to self Love can be a tough one.
Pains and lys of the past can cloud our way.
But a few simple words, said to ourselves, everyday can make the hugest of shifts in this journey.

~I love myself unconditionally because I am a child of Love and Love is mine unconditionally...I enjoy the special and unique person that I am.
~I freely acknowledge my failures and depend on Love when change is needed. I never devalue myself with destructive self-criticism.
~I allow Love to penetrate into the very depth of my being and set myself fee from the fear of the past and mistakes of the past.
~I have unconditional Love that flows through me and I give Love and Acceptance to all persons at all times.
~I can do all things that are required of me today because through Love I am strengthened, empowered and inspired to succeed.

5 simple sentences to say to your Self everyday.
5 simple sentences to let Love come down.
5 simple sentences to allow you to *journey through pain, * pour Love  out, *show your true colours, *bring forth fruit in your life, *and plant more seeds of Love.

All this just by Loving yourself.

Believe in the Love that has been stitched inside your being, from the beginning of time.
Live in the Truth that, that Love continues to be poured onto you by The One from which you came....
And you will see your garden grow.
A garden that is not only enjoyed by you, but also enjoyed by those around you.

Live like you are Loved....

Love and Light


  1. brava! this is beautiful! thank you so much for sharing. in one of my psych classes, we talked about self-compassion and self-love being companions. and i like that thought. i need self-love in order to show myself compassion, and i guess this is on my mind currently because i definitely need to have some compassion on myself right now. so let's bolster up some more self-love...

  2. live like you are loved...
    what a timely and exquisite reminder.


  3. Sadly this is lacking in most churches across north america...and the lack of empathy is apparent. We do need more healthy self love. It's unfortunate when we perceive such as over cockiness and the like.
    I like that u at least care to confront it with beautiful words.
    Wishing you love and light back:)

  4. Love that opening sentence. Seeking approval from others hinders joyousness. So true. It mucks you up and screws with your thinking.

    Self love is so important - I'd be scared to live in this world if I did not love myself and who I am - through the eyes of the one who created me.

    So good Cat.

  5. It's so true that we are told that to love yourself is selfish and conceited. I have come to understand this, but my heart is still working through it. A big lie in my life for sure.
    You are so lovely.
    Thankyou today for this reminder that to love ones self is to love God. And that I cannot love others until I love myself.


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