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Monday, 11 November 2013

Lest We Forget...

Today in Canada is Remembrance Day
A Day when we remember all those who have given
life, limb and mind to protect the notion of Freedom.
Though I do not believe in the politics war
I honour ALL who serve
and all who believe in fighting for their rights
and the rights of others.
I grieve with all those
whose loved ones never came home
will not come home.
I grieve the pain of those who do.
The horrors they now live with
The shredded hearts they house
The empty souls they have become

No one wins in war.
Only those who sit "above" us common folk
investing and conspiring
to further their kindgom
and their wealth
To those
who would sacrifice others
for the "greater good"
I say
with righteous anger in my voice
"God be with your Souls..."

and in the stillness
of my heart
and the fullness of my soul
as tears stream down my face
I wisper the words
of my teacher Jesus:
"Forgive them...
for they know not what they do"

Love and Light


  1. Lest We Forget
    My grandfather was trained by the Royal Canadian Airforce

    1. that makes the world so small ♥

      love and light
      from one Cat to another

  2. I find this difficult Cat as many of us do, but your sentiment here is heat-felt and I am connecting with you right now, my own father being but a boy when he proudly wore is uniform and went to war to protect the nation, he was dropped in a glider plane miles from shore, many lost their lives that day....I will never forget his bravery for me.
    Hugs x

    1. connecting....yes
      there are those things that seem like they would pull up apart
      but can actually bring us together
      I grieve with you Sue...
      Thank you for your words

      love and light

  3. my ache goes bone deep reading this. you touched the deepest part of my heart <3

  4. amen, dear sister/kindred spirit.

    so many of us know a veteran or two or three or more.
    God bless their souls.


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