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Thursday, 28 November 2013


I did not know what to title this post
so I started it as I physically did...
with an exhale.
an exhale of release and contentment
an exhale indicating
that work has been happening
and without

The image above represents how I have been feeling
these days
some-what naked, raw and vulnerable
and yet
all with in the comfort of
Love, Familiarity, and Beauty.

This month in SouLodge
we have been journeying with Owl...
whom I hold dear
because of this story
For me Owl is a reflection of my Self
She has vision in the dark.
She consumes only what she needs,
from the rodents and night crawlers
she feasts on,
and expels what she does not.
She is a Shadow Stalker
a Keeper of the Night
Silent in her Wisdom
(still working on this one)
Knowing the importance of Going Within
to those dark places of our psyche
to set ourselves free...

So this months Soul-Work has been revealing
and hard.
Facing those thing with in myself
that are not so pretty~
the rodents of my soul...
so to speak.
Not facing them in with shame
but facing them in love and acceptance
realizing what they have to teach me
and also challenging me to let go
of the addictions
the obsessions
the distractions
that keep me from my soul purpose.
Moving me towards the freedom to express
my soul truth
my heart words
my Self.

I have watched myself consume my fears
and spit out the pellets
of what I no longer wish to carry
Bringing up those "pellets" stung 
as they scrapped up my throat...
they even cause sadness.

"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another." ~Anatole France

And at the same time
they gave Freedom and Hope.

and I am ready to fly
I know this only happens
by going deep
there is no other way
but to trust in Spirit fully
and go where one is called...
not forced
but called gently
by the exhale
The One

I am also remembering...

when this lovely family stopped by 
on their way home to New Zealand, 
from China, last year.
What a special time it was...

our visit ended with this

I can still here Mark (and the kids)
laughing in the back
when the owl pooped lol

good times...

one last thing today
my lovelies

and we raised
(drum roll please)
over $100,000.00 for our centre
on Nativity Hill
in Medellin, Colombia.
I plan to be going again in March
this time with my 18 year old niece : )
another grand adventure I am sure.

Well that is where things are at
my lovelies.
This Life is a Beautiful Mystery

as with everyday
 I am grateful
for all that it offers me.

Love and Light

ps Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Lovelies


  1. love and light, dear friend.
    i love that you are vulnerable and honest.

    1. thank you Miss PencilFox : )
      it is my hearts desire to be so
      there is no need to hide myself...

      love and light

    2. ps...and i love you ♥

  2. foxysue says ditto pencilfox and love your current banner!
    Hugs x

    1. ditto to you too Miss FoxySue ♥
      living in the abundance that is!

      love and light

  3. Spitting out the pellets = freedom.
    I've seen owl in you.
    Takes one to know one. ;)

  4. "there is no other way
    but to trust in Spirit fully
    and go where one is called...
    not forced
    but called gently
    by the exhale
    The One" biggest sigh ever,,, this is the truth that I know too. ♥ love you~ Nyssa

    1. the heart strings that bind us....

      love and light sister

  5. Firstly.. I so adore the picture that is your new header.. LOVE!

    Tears as I read through this... the owl is one that I have been seeing too...but I didn't "know" it until I just read this. lol! Beautiful beautiful wisdom... woow.

    thank you. xo

    1. you are one of the loveliest creatures I know : )
      having you here is a blessing
      you are wow ♥

      love and light

  6. Cat, just what I needed, I have been heavy of heart lately, and owl has been presenting herself to me, but I did not see the signs until I read your post. Owl Medicine is exactly what is needed. I journeyed with Owl after reading your post, clarity, and soothing medicine, I see that I need more time with Owl, thank you sister for your words, and connection.

    1. I am always thrilled and amazed at how what we share can open thing up for each other.
      I am honoured by your presence here and thank you for reading
      blessings as you continue your journeying with Owl...the Ghost Goddess

      love and light

  7. thank you Cat , for sharing the deep emotions of your heart through this post. I am always moved by your writing , I can feel what you if I am in the same state of mind as yours..
    I agree with you on this - When we don't know what to do...then we should wait for the spirit's call...that is something very true Cat, and it gives us hope...
    The photos are wonderful and are symbolic. Your new header is very unique, I love it !
    I have been away for blogging for so long, but hopefully 2014 will be a year when I will be blogging more frequently !
    wishing you a lovely day !
    take care,

    1. thank you for your always, soulful words S.
      I love having you here

      love and light

  8. been thinking of you and your luminous soul. i wish we were having coffee right now. i would reach across the table and take your hand in mine. xo.

    1. ahhhhh, now THAT would be wonderful day!

      love and light


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