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Monday, 1 April 2013

Mondays Offering...Part two of two...

Ode to Easter...

On the very night
that Jesus was betrayed
by one of his own friends,
he said to his 12 disciples
as they ate together for the last time

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another."

This is what I believe
This is why I love Jesus
His love was so BIG
beyond human prejudice
I want to love that big
I want to embrace that large
This easter weekend I saturated myself
in those words
Jesus walks the ghettos
Jesus lives with the poor
Jesus loves on the broken
I see it every time I go to Colombia
It is the place I see him so clearly
with my own eyes....
my teacher
my master
my friend

I love you my lovelies
Love and Light


  1. Do you know Cat, I have a bit of a hard time with Jesus since I gave up my Christian religion as you know - the indoctrination was that ingrained! This Easter I got to thinking about the *man* he was which I have the utmost respect for, you can't help this when someone teaches in such a selfless way and then goes and offers his life for his brothers and sisters. I think I may have thrown away the baby with the bath-water! Hugs xxx

    1. yes foxy...catch that baby!
      it is a journey to gather what is important and godly and what is not important and of man
      I am glad you have found your way back to seeing Jesus with out the religious is not easy
      much love and light to you♥

  2. I've been up and down about Jesus all year. This was beautiful. I felt a reconnect from this post. I needed this. xxoxox

    1. I a so glad you found what you needed in my words Nyssa...the path of spirituality is such an ebb and flow
      love you sister

  3. we don't have to be *religious* nor do we have to gather wtihin a building to find jesus.
    all we have to do is look at each other and behold him.

    i love how you say "my friend....jesus...."
    so perfect.

    love and light

    1. your words are so true
      with in each other we not only see ourselves, but we see Jesus as well
      I love that!

      love and light my friend

  4. Ps. I missed you on my blog..Saw you were back on others...Hope everything is ok?!:) Enjoy the beauty of another week:)

    1. sorry friend
      I have been MIA...getting back to center took some intentional time
      everything is good
      thank you for asking

  5. Oh I do love your posts
    I have something to share
    Must email you xxxxxx
    Love n Light
    From one Cat to another

    1. Oh Cat I was thinking about you today
      so lovely to see you here!!!
      love and light from one Cat to another

  6. Love my Jesus.
    Love you too.xx

    1. and I you my friend
      love and light

  7. Having been out of the 'evangelical' fold know for a good eight years, I am just now being able to look at Jesus without the guise of evangelicalism. While there are still reservations, I am becoming more and more attracted to Jesus. I must be careful,however, not to confuse others when I speak of Jesus. When I speak of Jesus, to be honest, I am not entirely sure what I speak of, but I do believe I know Jesus in and outside his human body. For, it is my rather conservative belief the Jesus is the logos, the word, from beginning to end, that justifies my rather liberal belief that one can know Jesus even outside his 33 year old Jewish carpenter body.

    I love the Jesus that sits not in the evangelical churches but rather weeps with those who weep, bleeds with those who bleed, laughs with those who laugh and dances with those who dance.

    1. letting go of past restraints takes time...Jesus and I have walked many a controversial road together,but I can truly say he has always been a friend...even in the dark confusion of my upbringing, he was truly the light, truly something I could understand and pour my faith was how he lived that impressed me so...he deep compassion for others, all others...always moved me...and it was beyond any religious snares. I recently read the book Jesus by Deepak amazing really unpackages the humanness that was Jesus.
      From what you wrote here, you and I are loving the same Jesus and lgiht

  8. There should be a like button on blogs so that you can say that you like or love the post but don't have any words...


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