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Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I just came back from a night time
 MRI appointment with my mom
I realized tonight that I am now the daughter
of an actively aging parent. 
Of course I realize we are all aging...
but a corner has been turned...
I saw it tonight in her eyes,
her unsteady walk, 
her uncertainty,
I saw it.
A new kind of life is starting for her and I.....
I  felt a need to place it here
as I swim in the emotions
of this change
I had to honour it
give it voice
give it word
give it a place
thank you for being here
my lovelies
love and light



  1. Don't know what else to say but hey, love you girl. Lets chat soon xx

  2. I realized the same thing when my mom was in the hospital. It came as a shock really. Becoming the matriarch in so many ways. The cycles of life happen slowly but at the same time seem so quick. We almost need a new pair of eyes, seeing things differently and embracing the differences. I'm still not at the point of embracing the fact that my parents are older. It comes as a shock over and over as medical things pop up. It's a very emotional thing and for me brings a lot of uncertainty and having to face things I just don't want to face but it's life. There is no choice but to rise up and do what needs to be done when it needs doing. Much love to you and you move through all the emotions xoxo

  3. You know this is beautiful....I adore you! This is so well written with optimism and love and gentleness and truth and respect - all those qualities so important to your mama and qualities she has instilled in you!
    Both my parents have crossed over. Get as much as you can out of these next few years...peace & love!

  4. Touching...with an ache of hardship and a deepening of season. You are someone who has taught me a lot about seasons. I do not know what this is like yet, and In a way I am relieved the generations in my family are so young (my grandma is 67... and it is tough enough watching her age...) In a way it makes me savour my age- I just am not ready but so many of my friends are in this stage. You are a beautiful soul and this tranistion is one of the toughest- that and loosing a mother. My friend just lost hers quite young and it is so hard to watch and be there... Yet the beauty in her right now and the sweet mellowing of grief also has some moments that enrich...I do not know what to say here but thank you for sharing!

  5. ((((big big hug)))) from over here in CO... brave heart. xo

  6. Hey woman - just wrote you the longest reply on my blog - should've just emailed you, but I went on and on and on - grab a cup of tea when you have time and go read it - thanks!!!
    you're awesome!

  7. All my love Cat - a path we are all going to have to walk at some point. Xoxo

  8. I'm with my mother right now, visiting her in Cali.
    I could have written that same piece.
    Change. Patience. Love. We are daughters of beautiful women.
    Honor. Honor. Honor. Love You. xxoo

  9. Your mom is a lovely woman who is blessed with a lovely daughter to walk this journey with her. You will know what to do.


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