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Friday, 8 March 2013

Finding Home...

On Wednesday I woke with anxiety sitting on my chest
deep panicking anxiety 
As I walk through the unsual suspects
that bring me here
I decided to transcend them all 
I decided to not
"try to make sense of it"
I decided  that instead
I needed to medicate it
tend to it
love on it
give to it.
after I permed my moms hair that morning
I grabbed the dog, my camera,
got into the truck
and drove to wher
I was being called.
I am blessed to live in a area that offers
Mother Earths finest wears.
Today it was them that called
The Mountains behind my home...    
I needed the cold mountain air
to caress my skin
I needed to fill my lungs with  
the medicine it gives.
I needed to feast my eyes
on the majesting of the snow capped giants
I needed to be away from the human noise
and be enveloped in Natures Love.
We are still in the dull of winter
though the signs of Spring
can be found
Ducks and Snow Geese
are getting ready
to nest and bring new life.
Hawks fly close to the wet lands
looking for their daily bread.
Seagulls and Red Winged Black birds
search for a place to nest.
The great water shivers
as mountain winds caress
snow can still be found
high on the alpine line
great trees stand by the thousands
housing bear, deer and wolf
All of the beauty
which remains with or without me
Yet it gives to me
feeds me
medicates me
stills my troubles mind
expels the anxiety
that clung to me for dear life
This place is my Healing Balm
the place in which I touch God
and God touches me
I offered my gift
from my own medicine pouch
and in return
was given back a stone
to remember this healing
to remember the abundance that is
And the joy of my eager companion
makes me laugh out loud
guides me back to center
brings me back to Home
A couple hours of direct treatment
and I was brought back to holy health
Grateful am I
for the Abundance that is
Grateful am I 
for the Love that is
Grateful I am
for Good Medicine received
   Grateful I am
 to be back Home
once again 

may you find yourself Home this weekend
my lovelies

Love and Light

(ps just over a week to go for my big trip 
have you seen the total??? We are surpassing my intention!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you
I could not do this with out you!)  



  1. ..... big soul sigh........ LOVE this! xoxo

  2. savoring every word and photo was a meditation for me....

    love and light

  3. We always want to try and make sense of our anxiety, it's because of this or that, putting a handle on it is our way of trying to control! Truth is we don't always know, this calls for just being which is the difficult bit! Deep within knowing what soothes and heals is our way of finding home as you have beautifully described! Have a wonderful trip! x

  4. Beautiful medicine for us too, as we read your words and look at your pictures!

  5. So beautiful, as always.
    Glad you were able to drive and be and feel and see.

  6. Funny, I just did the same thing on the other side of the mountains:) I posted some pics too!:) Maybe we were experiencing our medicane at similar times on either side of the mountain range!:) Lovely pics!:)

  7. I hear this and I hear you. Always. loves sister, -U

  8. You needed your soul to be filled with the surroundings of home. Of the last days of winter, of fog, wildlife and nature. To meditate and breathe these things inside you, because where you are going, is so different from this. You can take with you all that you have, and share it.
    Peace & love, sister.

  9. beautiful post and beautiful pictures! :) you inspire my soul. thanks for emailing me this post. <3


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