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Friday, 18 November 2011


Come walk with me
into the enchanted lands of the Forest Dwellers
The Ones we hear so much about
but are afraid to believe in...

They Leave us gifts of their existence
fairy wings
toad stools
and blanket moss

They are Guardians to others
Watchers for danger
warning all of darkness ahead
then coming along to Light the way

They are as curious of us 
as we are of them
wanting to know
what makes us...Us

Some are mischievous
up to tricks 
knowing our Fragile Disposition
they laugh at our expense

While others watch with wonder
us human-beans
frantically running thru our lives
They wonder what the rush is

For the Forest Dwellers
time is not of importance
they wait for nothing and
long for even Less

A mat always lays in welcome
their doors are never locked
they always have time for others
it is their Nature to be this way

And as night falls in this Enchanted Land
songs of Love are lifted to the moon
and thanks for the day that past
and the one to come
Here there is always Joy and Love
in the simplest of forms
never changing
Isn't that something worth believing in?

Joining up with Sadee here

Love and Light


  1. Finally, proof the do exist. I knew it all along.

    ps. thanks for stopping by, it was great to hear from you.

  2. I'm with Esther! :) Your words are lyrical. I'm loving the fairy theme with you and Sadee.
    My Blog

  3. This was pretty, & fun to read.

    When I was little I used to make up stories about tiny people who lived in trees. I was almost convinced they were true. I even dreamed I caught two of those tiny people one time. ;)

  4. This is so lovely. It makes me want to read McDonald, Lewis and Tolkien. Good job!

  5. Very, very sweet! The enchanted wood - Miss O would love this!

  6. I think they do exist and I love your photos! That first one especially gave me chills--I have a couple of similar ones from the forest in my neighborhood.


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