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Monday, 28 November 2011

Monday Offerings...

Still marinating
Still enveloped
Still lingering in the Silence...

What is my offering today?
What do I have to give?
So much
So little
that is so vast...
What is my offering today?

As I went for my morning run with my very excited puppy prince I breathed in the beauty of the morning that surrounded me. We were running on the dykes, he and I, the sun bright in the morning sky, the frost still clinging to anything it could, and the morning fog not yet burned away.
It was here, I was pondering what to offer today, to you , my mind full of beauty, peace and love...and as I looked out to the beauty around me, in hopes of an answer, my eyes fell upon the blueberry field and the dense fog that lingered above it. The fog was thick and full, as if all the morning fog had come together forming a barricade with hopes that the morning sun would not muster up enough strength to penetrate it's fortress allowing it to linger throughout the day until evening at which time it would once again disperse and swallow up the whole of the land.
I thought about how one would feel if they were in amongst the blueberry bushes under that fog. In the fogs destiny one would not be able to see what lay beyond. They would not be able to see the blue of the sky, the light powder puffs of clouds gently floating in the wind, or the bright cool yellow sun that was rising steadily above the mountains. They would feel the cold from the damp earth and not the warmth from the sun. Their vision would be limited and not be sure of where they were. The sunlight would be blocked, leaving whomever was there, caught in the dimness of grey. In this cold, grey, limited view state one might get confused, lost or discouraged...with out knowing that the whole time, just beyond the fog, there was light, warmth and Hope.
I saw this visual as life...
May times we find ourselves in the fog. Sometimes we have walked into it by our own will and sometimes it has just come upon us with out us seeing it coming. These times of life can make us feel lost, isolated, alone and without Light. But with a shift of view, a shift of perspective we can see the fog has does not last forever and sometimes all we need to do is set up camp where we are at...start a fire, gather some food and sit in stillness until the fog, eventually, moves on.

Where ever you find yourself...know that there is always Hope...and if you know that Hope, please offer it to others. Because if one offers Hope...we all receive Hope.

This past weekend I had beautiful encounters with angels surrounding me, protecting me, caring for me so my music offering is according to those experiences. I hope you can take the time to sit and listen, breathing in the Love and Light, that is yours to have.

Love and Light

(images take during my silent retreat)


  1. I love all the pictures of you lately. Beautiful.
    Meaningful beautiful post. Hope. The first gift to us all. Thanks for passing it on.
    You bring hope in this blog.

  2. What a beautiful visual and parallel you have drawn, of course you have.
    Thank you, as always - I love coming by this place.


  3. You really make me think...and wonder if maybe I too need to be taking these Silent Retreats. I rarely do...if at all.
    So glad the fog DOES lift....even if it settles around us for a tad longer than we like.
    (I love your pictures)

  4. thank you for this wonderful post about hope. and i love the angel song. i love angels. they are such magical and beautiful creatures to me. one of my favorite movies to watch during the Christmas season is called The Christmas Box, because it's partly about angels.


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