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Tuesday, 1 November 2011


She walks out in to the light
the cold damp of the forest behind her
it's coolness still clinging to her back.

The morning sun smiles down upon her
He touches her face
caress' her chest
warms her heart 
encouraging her to open it wide.

Vulnerability has taken her...
taken her on a long walk
down a beautiful lush path
where the earth is soft and the ferns grow...
larger than life
Ancient trees tower above...
filtering the sun
and the mist
hangs in the air

It's been their longest walk 
She is learning to sink...
Sink into Vulnerability
and Trust
Trust that She will not stumble down
into the dark deep hole in her mind
Vulnerability is not there to harm
but to walk Her through this maze
of emotions
emotions of a past, She thought she had mended
Vulnerability takes Her hand
and heals Her hearts brokenness

It feels like it won't fit
It feels like it is not really Hers
But Vulnerability assures Her,
I am yours
I am a part of you
I am here...for you."
And its true
She finds solace in Vulnerability
an understanding of who she is
She finds a freedom
a release
a comfort
a Truth.

Light follows her everywhere
this She knows to be true
so She trusts that knowledge
The Knowledge given by the Divine
since the beginning of time
stitched inside Her...
even before her first breathe.

We are loved
never alone
held up
held close

So into Vulnerability She sinks
and before the glory of the Sun 
She is brought
and it is here that She is reminded 
That The Light is coming...

joining up with Sadee here

thank you to those beautiful lovelies who touched me with their own stories of vulnerability.

Love and Light


  1. Beautiful, beautiful words. Thank you...

  2. Oh Cat.

    This is one wild life we live.
    - K

  3. Wow - incredible images through word and photo....speaks straight to my heart. You have captured this journey well, my sister.

  4. your posts are always so very beautiful and poetic. i love reading them.

  5. This is a wonderful post. Very powerful. I am very impressed!

  6. Cat :)

    You are such a blessing in my life.


  7. take my breath away stunning. xoxo

  8. i'm honored, friend.

  9. Catherine, you are beautiful, as you walk in the light, step out in vulnerability, and seek freedom for yourself and for others. Again your words affect me physically - as I read them I feel like I am walking beside you, in the forest, by the sea, with the light shining on me. Thank you for calling me into the journey. Love you.

  10. Gorgeous words that are uplifting as always...Cat keep showing the light of vulnerability. Thanks for the beauty.

  11. I love your descriptions! Thank you for sharing about this journey toward vulnerability


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