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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Three Signs before Christmas...

The Three Signs

It was a few days before Christmas,

when the signs came my way

I had not asked for them

And I was not expecting them.

They were indeed

an unexpected gift

The First Sign:

I was at Costco picking up some prints.

I go there often and

know the photo shop staff quite well

A young guy is there…maybe late 20’s early 30’s

English accent and I have not seen him before

He steps up to serve me and all is business as usual…

until the end

He looks at me and pauses…

then he asks me if I am spiritual…

There is a moment of hesitation as I find this a peculiar question

the hesitation quickly turns into a smirk as this has happened to me before

and I am curious as to why he is asking…


I say with a big smile on my face.

He asks me if he can share something with me.

I say, again, “yes!”

He proceeded to tell me that he sees a big tree….old….

with strong deep roots.

He goes on to say that in 2016 this tree is going to bare much fruit

He says to me,

“all you have been working towards will prosper this coming year.”

I thanked him.

 A slight bow of gratitude and knowing is shared between us

And then I left,

sat in my vehicle

and cried.

The Second Sign:

 This one happened at Winners…the same day

I had to pick up some last minute gifts.

The store is packed but they have all 11 cash registers going

so the line-up is moving quickly.

It was in this line up I experienced an “interesting” exchange

with a very intense, negative woman.

The story is not important

What was important was the familiar buttons her aggressive behaviour

pushed in me

I would say, very clearly and decisively, that she was of the bullying sort.

I watched myself as I did not react but instead

I paused and felt what was rising within me

a very familiar feeling

one that as a child took me over and into intense and sometimes

blinding fear.

I said to myself … “Feel it…sink and breathe into it…it is only a feeling”

I actually allowed it to come up and over my body

as I stood there with a smile on my face…

After this pause within myself,

as she continued on her rant,

I looked directly at her and quietly and calmly

said to her what I needed to say

and moved on.

I felt all the feelings

even the trembling in my belly

But it did not matter

It was not mine to take on or mine to make right

I moved on and left her in her cloud of negativity

as I basked in yet another Divine Sign

I left the store with a huge smile on my face

got in my car

and laughed out loud.

The Third Sign:

…the last one

took place at my home

As a Christmas gift to ourselves we canvased

three of our prints to hang in the living room…

they were the prints I was picking up early at Costco.

Three prints to replace the one.

As we took down the eagle print


petrified against the wall

perfectly intact with wings spread

was a beautiful moth.

Now Moth has played an important part in my self love healing

It was Moth who told me some years back

 that I would never understand her

or the part of her within me

 until I stopped longing to be the butterfly.

This was a huge lesson for me.

That I would be wise

to learn about and accept all parts of myself equally

and that, even in what I could not see as beautiful,

there was indeed beauty.

It felt to me,

like this offering was not only a reminder

but a declaration in that I was doing just that…

learning to love all the parts of me

even those parts that

do not seem beautiful to me.

This was an amazing day for me…

I felt seen and loved by Spirit.

I felt The Creator watching over me and blessing me

I felt valued.

These signs…these blessings

helped me face a not so easy Christmas

they helped me walk with ease

one hand holding grief

one hand holding love.

What kinds of miracles 
have you been experiencing?

and Light...
and a Happy and Blessed New Year


  1. amazing! how you embrace your whole journey in itself, amazing. how open you are to these signs and how you "get" them. amazes me. seriously. you're so awake. oh and I love you xo


    1. I honestly do not think I am so amazing
      these things seemed very clear to me...
      so the bodes the question
      do we know we are awake when we are awake?

      love and light sister

  2. I so love how you can hold the light and the dark, the ease and the tension... You are remarkable and I love you so.

    1. words go straight to my heart
      again...not sure about remarkable
      but I will accept what you see in me...

      love and light

  3. Thank you for sharing your 3 signs...I'm so excited you received them. I've been re-reading my 2015 journal and have realized I have received a miracle of healing. Its been hard and intense at times, but over and over healing has come, the kind that is not only healing me but past and future generations. I am very grateful!

    1. Oh I LOVE that Arlana!!
      You are healed my sister....I see is the time to live it
      I am so happy for you
      and just ofr the record
      you did know that right? You allowed this to happen!
      Well done

      love and light

  4. Such beautiful Christmas gifts and how lovely the way you accepted each one with deep feelings and much grace. xoxo

    1. thank you for reading S

      love and light

  5. signs.
    when they appear [and it is *often] i wonder what is going on with me.
    but then, i realize i am living in my head with all the figuring-out.
    so i go back to my heart and find myself truly grateful. no other words.

    i love you, sister. you are a blessing in my life, a sign, one for which i am grateful.


    1. as you are to me M
      thank you for your beautiful ways

      love and light dear sister

  6. He saw in you your spirituality...let your light shine!
    "said to her what I needed to say"... Someday you must tell me what it is you said! You reminded me of me, standing there in that line, listening to the ol grouch...opening up my big mouth, telling it like it is....hehe..except, I'm sure you did it with composure and kindess and gave once again, your light!
    Lady, you are the most beautiful and triumphant moth that ever was. Steadfast and patient, waiting to fly when the eagle painting had been lifted.
    This is your year. You heard it from that guy at the print shop. I believe he's right.
    :) + x = ❤️

    1. you Prairie Girl are the most precious of souls!

      love and light to you my sister-friend

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