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Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Banquet...

The Banquet

There is an old story I know

told by one of my teachers

a long time ago...

It is a story about a man

Who was preparing a great banquet

And to that banquet he invited him family
 friends and neighbours.

When the time came, that the banquet was ready

The man sent out his servant

To let the guest know it was time to come

For everything was now ready.

But each guest began to make excuses,

As to why they could not come.

One said, “I just bought a field and need to go and see it.”

Another told the servant, “ I just bought some live stalk

and need to work them.”

And still another said, “ I just got married, so I can not come.”

The servant returned to his master

And told him all that had transpired.

The man was upset but the lack of courtesy

Of his family, friends and neighbours

And his frustration over took him.

He told his servant…

“Go out quickly into the streets and alleys of the town

Bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame.”

The servant did as his master had asked

And yet there was still room in the banquet hall

So the man told his servant,

“Go out to the roads and country lanes

Make them come in so that my house will be full.

And I tell you this,

Not one of my previously invited guests

Will get a taste of my banquet.”


This story reflects much of what I see going on around me in this world.

The busyness of life that takes over…

The worry of there not being, time etc.

The sense that nurturing relationships

with Spirit, ourselves and others

are not on the top of the priority list.


In my work I hear many excuses

As to why not to come and feast

at the table of abundance.

These excuses are not lost to me

I have used most of them myself

at one time or another

I came realized I could make the choice

to stop making the excuses

And and instead

Choose to live Wholeheartedly.

I do not say this out of criticism of those who make the excuses

I write this from that place in my heart

that is saddened by the choice to not accept the invitation.

I am saddened that we are so distracted

With the things that do not last

Instead of investing into things that do…

Things like Love, Community, Heart and Soul.

I know I must be patient

And I also know that time is

“of the essence”

The table awaits for all to take part

And yes that means other things will have to wait...

and by making the choice to attend

You may even feel some discomfort
lean in on you
 from those around you

who have their own opinion about what is important.

But I would say...

If your heart has a desire to take part in the abundance

If you heart has the desire to learn to live whole-heartly

If you heart is hungry for good nourishment

If your heart is tired of feeling alone and lonely

If your hearts knows there is something more

Then it may be time to take a change and follow it.

Step out of the busy flow of the masses

And seek out your own natural current of life.

There is help along the way

But you must still yourself enough to hear it

You must seek out those who can assist you

You must accept the invitation

And then show up to the banquet

To see exactly what is meant by abundance.

Sometimes these choices need Courage

Sometimes they need Compassion for Self

Sometimes they just need to be Allowed

so you can follow…

 Where have you missed the banquet in your life?

When has an invitation come for you,

but you were too busy to show up?

Only you can allow the shift your heart desires…

Love and Light

(story told by Jesus)


  1. lovely story, even more lovely post….


  2. The banquet is more than I could ever have dreamed or imagined...not sure why I say no sometimes too. Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

  3. Beautiful and Eloquently said!

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