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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Death, Life, Love, ReBirth...Reflections of ReWilding

For 4 days and 3 nights
we were together
9 women
in the womb we call 

the alter was set
the food prepared
the home ready to receive...

 and us
It was almost a year to the day
 when we began this journey
to birth our collaboration
and now the time had come...

 and we were waiting with 
open arms and open hearts.

one of our many mantras for the weekend

hoody created by The Umber Dove

You just know when you meet one of your tribe
when you recognize yourself in their eyes
when you can see their heart for the first time
and you already know it.

And that is what this gathering
mother goose watched over us from across the river ...showing us what it meant to be patient...sitting in silence...listening and trusting that when the time was right, we too would crack open and rebirth ourselves into this world...

 This was a place to Re-member

and Re-turn
to who we are as women...

part of an active Sacred Sisterhood...

one in which we died together...

cried together...

came back to life together...

reclaiming our Selves
alongside our Sisterhood...

while we buried old pieces of ourselves
and stalked the shadows that long for our love.

It is hard to put into words
these kinds of experiences.

I am still marinating in all the goodness
I bore witness to...

allowing it to sink into my bones...

flow with my blood...

and become one with my cells.

This place...

 these women...

 reminded me of how it can be
with in a tribe of women...
how it is meant to be

  an intimite sistehood
of holding one another
seeing one another
loving one another
right where you are

and supporting one another
to step into our highest potential
to walk along side
while we do the deep soul work
of healing

to hold each other hands
as we touch the tender parts of our hearts
and to bear witness
as we slay the demons 
in our lives.
a Celebration of Goddess'

We honoured all that stood with us
and around us
as we took this journey
Sacred Mother
Sacred Father
Our guides, teachers and ancestors.

 ...this is what ReWilding ReBirth looks like...

One day
I hope you will join us
and we too
can be as One...

Love and Light


  1. Oh sister/mama/priestess .. Yes! So hard to capture the magnitude and magic and immense love from this weekend but you have here. Thank you all for answering the call ... For all the care and heart that went into this sacred event. I am profoundly changed and the energy continues to ripple through and from me. So much gratitude ... So very much ... xoxo


    1. forever ♥

      love and light

  2. Re ~ markable ... and very beautiful/

    1. thank you Susan...maybe one day you will join us?

      love and light dear one

  3. To hold and be held by a group of soulful, like-minded women...what a gift.

    1. such a gift...beyond all dreams and expectations
      what it really is about amongst us women
      so beautiful

      love and light B...can't wait till you too enter this circle with me ♥

  4. To be in the company of sisters who understand you and support you in your darkest hours, is such a wonderful gift. I am often reminded of my childhood friends who were a great support system for me. Wishing you all the best,
    take care


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