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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My Story of Now

My Story of Now

In this moment, a woman of great wisdom was finding her place, in the world above, the world below and the world in between. 
She began again.

Standing firm in all she knew, all she had seen, and all she had experienced. She told her stories so she could hear them and remember where she came from. The understanding she gained from this practice was valuable beyond measure.

In the pain and sadness she witnessed her own unfolding-her transformation-her refinement. She saw her heart and the beauty it held – the love and compassion.

It moved her.

At the end of the story she realized there was no end

Only new beginnings.

The space in between ending and beginning is where she breathed a breath of surrender and understanding.

Looking up from this moment she sees her story of Life.

This story fills her with JOY.

In this story she looks RADIANT.

She feels ALIVE.

She is doing WELL.

Up ahead she knows there will be ADVENTURE.

Awaiting her is LIFE,

When she finds herself in a wounded story, she embraces it, for she knows how to heal that wound. She knows to avoid infection by sinking into the truth around the pain, tending the wound and giving it the care, love and medicine it needs.

She is WILD and FREE

The One thing she can always rely on is


She is now and always has been a daughter of 
The Great Father & The Great Mother

And she embraces her super powers of



She is exactly where she is meant to be.

This is her story of now

What is your story lovelies?

Love and Light


  1. WOW you've kinda almost very nearly just described my past 48 hours lovely
    Love n Light

    1. love and light
      as always
      from one Cat to another ♥

  2. Oh SO BEAUTIFUL! So very beautiful!!
    I love you medicine woman! xoxo

  3. hello, lovely soul.
    you just keep getting better and better….

    1. hello you!
      we are like find wine and cheese lol

      love and light

  4. So glad to be a part of your story, connecting through love & light...x

    1. always and forever

      love and light

  5. beautiful words from the most beautiful soul I have the great pleasure of knowing. xo G

    1. ♥♥♥


      love and light

  6. Always so beautiful! Delighted to read your words again. My story is a bit murky right now, sloshing around around the depths, releasing and rooting. xoxo

    1. seeing you in the depths Mandy
      holding space for you there
      may your roots go deep and your release be life giving

      love and light


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