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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Things have been busy...

I have been stepping out
make bold movements
No longer hiding behind the veil...

It has come time to embrace ALL that I am
And all that I have to offer

 If you are interested in see what I have been up to
go here
to my new web page
there you will find my passions of offerings

Along side those
I plan to write here
more than I have
so many stories are swirling around in side of me
and they need a place to land...

Just a few more projects to move through
and then here I will be
writing and reading
Until then
remember this:

The Shadow Proves the Sunshine...

Love and Light



  1. Lovely to find you touching base here...
    Loving your new offerings, congratulations and blessings on your hard work...
    You look so soft and beautiful in the above image...
    I have some good news, will be telling all soon...
    Heart Hugs to you soul-sister. x


    1. I look forward to your new Sue!

      love and light sister

  2. Lovely sister! Looking forward to seeing how your "coming out" transforms this year and also looking forward to your writings in this space.

    1. thank you sister

      love and light


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