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Friday, 14 February 2014

A Mountain Story

She's been called to go up into the mountain

She's been called to walk this season alone, in solitude

where there is no One

and yet there is Every-thing

She's been called

She's been called

It's been a while now since the mountains began to call her

whispering for her to come

she's heard it during the season of summer

the season of going home

In the beginning she had taken it as a literal thing

perhaps that she needed to reside there

move her roots there

become a mountain dweller

But when the road of that thought

always came to dead ends offered clear obstacles

she had all but given up and put her thoughts of mountain dwelling away

for now

and lived in the reality that was...

Until the day the mountain itself

came down to sweep her up

in to the crevice of it's power

Taking her to a place she had yet to be

yet knowing this place was hers

and hers alone

She found herself walking this new path

elevating her higher and higher to a place where the air grew thin

and yet, was rich and full, offering her just what she needed

A place where the tree line grew thin and those that stood there were old and wise

Their bark thick and weathered etched with the wisdom of time and the life force of balance

Their branches twisted and stretched by the wind

The path she was on rolled out before her

as the rocks grew larger and the grass turned to mountain moss

carrying her to a place of solitude commune, of deep soul listening

a place of Vision Quest and Spirit encounter

a place of Sacred Learning

She walked with panther on one side

and wolf on the other

She knew there were others

but they could not be seen at this time

and in moments of uncertainty and fear

she would think of themher guides, her angels, her ancestors

and feel their presence, and remind herself

that she was not walking alone

that she was abundant with love and care

And even though being this close to Spirit was awesomely terrifying,

all was well and she was right where she needed to be

Soon that path ended

and she found herself standing on a cliffs edge

on either side of her mountain tops towered above her

reaching high into the heavens

with silent power and knowing

In front of her stretched a deep ravine

the bottom was barely visible while the break between the mountains

offered a welcoming opening to the outside world

allowing the sun light of the day to come in a warm her face

and offering her a view of the skies vastness and colour

warming her new home, this place of stone

The top of the cliff was flat with on large old tree

and near the tree burned a fire

there was no loose wood around the fire

for her to feed it with

but she soon found that the fire sustained itself

and burned continually for her while she was there

She also notice furs underneath the old tree

and took them for a place for her to sleep when needed

Here she felt taken care of

Here in this place of sacred wild she felt safe

She was unsure what her purpose here was

but she trusted that would come

Tired from her hike she lay down on the pile of furs underneath the tree

Panther had fallen back into the shadows of the mountain side to rest

as Wolf kept watch at the cliffs edge

As she drifted off she looked up to see Owl looking down at her from the branch above her

as Hawk circled high in the sky.

She dreamed a dream of ice blue colour and sparkling star dust.

She was there, floating in the abyss of this beauty at ease and open

She had come for healing.

Her body was ready to release and let go and soon the angels came

gently they folded her in half, head to foot

as they gently shifted and broke apart that which needed shifting

For quite sometime they continued on, until it was time to let her go

Her body sprung open then releasing a murder of crows

In her dream she saw that the crows were carrying away

that which she had held on to for far too long

those things she needed to let go of in order to enter the new season of her life

and the crows were so much more than happy to help.

She felt her body lifting up, lighter, freer.

An ancient song was sung over her as a pipe was past around the fire

and the announcement of completion said.

She woke to snow falling

and yet she did not feel the cold that it usually brings

instead she felt exhilarated and charged

so much so she began to dance

She lifted her hands high

bowing to the Sun of a new day

She acknowledged all that was around her

giving gratitude with every leap, every turn, every movement

Owl watch from the tree enjoying the show

And the snow and wind danced with her

lifting her high, filling her up, replacing all that has been removed

with the newness of life

renewal and restoration...

a dance of acknowledgement and surrender to this place

and all that was to come.

She danced and gave gratitude as the sun rose high into the sky

Soon the snow ceased and it was just her and the sun

She stood at the edge of the cliff

hands raised high and then bowing deep to All That Is

And then she slept

deep into the darkness of her soul she rested....

returning back to the land of the living until the mountains called her to return...

And call they did

And when she arrived she could see she was not alone

Her Sacred Feminine was waiting...

Her Sacred Feminine was beautiful and proud...and somehow looked familiar

They stood side by side overlooking the great ravine that stretched out before them

no words were exchanged, just the energy shared

their hand clasped as they stood united

She could feel the grounding and the wisdom of her Sacred Feminine.

She was strong, rooted and wise

She did not question who she was or why she was here

She knew

with no doubt, with no apologies

She knew

The woman knew she could rely on this strength

and trusted in it completely

Inside there burned a question

one she wanted to ask, but was afraid

her doubts and insecurities, playing with her mind

They turn towards each other

hands held

and then guided by instinct she stepped into her Sacred Feminine

and the two burst into flames

and in this holy heat the woman felt her deep burning passion

and heard the voices of her guides, her ancestors

she heard the voice of God.

She swam in the heat of her passion her hair on fire lapping up towards the sky

And then she hears another voice

a small voice coming from somewhere within

upon hearing this voice she realizes that within her there is doubt

small doubt, but doubt none the less

And this doubt holds the woman's truth in which she thinks perhaps...

this is all just too good to be true

And this is why she could not ask the question

the one about her success...


She finds herself back on the mountain, standing at the cliff edge

where she stands with her Sacred Feminine once again

Her Sacred Feminize turns to her and takes the woman's face into her hands

“Do it!”

And then She is gone.

The woman stands alone, the energy of her Sacred Feminine lingering around her

She see's her doubt, she knows her fear....
knows a decision needs to be made

Does she give into the fear and doubt?

She can feel the heat within her strong

even on the cool mountain side, her flame burns hot...

“Fuck it,” she says out loud to whom ever will hear.

“I feel fear, I feel doubt, but I am doing it anyways!”

And once again she returns to the land of the living until the mountains called her again...

And again
call they did

This time she would be her Sacred Masculine waiting...

a part of her she had unknowingly denied and ignored
 for many years.

Until recently when the call had been raised to her and she could not longer deny

the need to bring these two sides of her back into union and balance.

So up she climbed, the trail now familiar, the feeling of home taking her over

the closer she becomes.

Her Sacred Masculine was there, towering over her

So big was he that he stood in the ravine and still could touch the sky

She was in awe of his magnitude....not afraid but in total amazement at his size

He was pleasant to look at and she felt drawn to him; the feeling was beyond sexual

It was a deep, intimate feeling she had for him...more than a brother, and different from a lover.

He looked down at her and smiled...then before her eyes, he shrunk himself to her size.

He came to her and took her hands, he then got down on his knees to thank her

At this she tried to pull away.

He firmly clasp her hands and told her how grateful he was for all the work she was doing.

He sang her praises, and even though it was hard for her to hear, he told her anyways.

Then he got up and they sat together on the cliffs edge talking for a while.

The conversation was rich and flowed as easy as the river Eventually hunger came and he presented some fresh salmon for them to cook on the fire and eat.

“Let me take care of you,” he says.

They ate and talked around the fire some more until tiredness over took her.

They lay down together in the furs intertwined yet not touching and she slipped

into a peaceful sleep until the morning when they would do it all again.

And so it was they stayed there for weeks...him bringing her fish and bear meat to eat

and them talking deep about all the things in life 
that have meaning.

And when their time came to an end 
they embraced and said goodbye.

She began walking down the mountain, 
her companions at her side.

And as she walked she reflected on this place
 she had been given

and the medicine that had been poured into her.

So big were her thoughts 
she needed to sit for a while in the place

where the forest thickened and the earth grew soft.

So much was there inside of her, she began to hurt...

Her heart bursting, her body aching,
 so much had she been given

and in reflection of this medicine 
she could see how she held on,

how she stood in her life fists clenched, 
not fully trusting, and she began to weep.

Something moved in the forest and panther and wolf stepped back making way

For there came Grandmother Bear, to council and console

Coming to wrap the woman up in her deep, warm fur-reassuring her, renewing her, restoring her.

The woman sunk into the large grizzles chest and listened to the wise words she was saying.

“Let go my daughter, let go. Do you not know you belong right here? Do you not yet trust those who walk with you? Let go my daughter, let go and fully experience the freedom of trusting and living your purpose. You have worked hard, very hard. You have broken your back and bleed into the earth, but that time is over, now it the time to live in complete abundance. Challenges will come, but none like you have already faced, for we are you and you know us. Everything is different now, everything has changed. Let go my daughter, let go and trust the Great Spirit and all the it provides.”

The woman wept as Grandmother Bear spoke. She released the work, she released the past. She knew this new place, in the mountains was where her courage was...for she did not need to find it, she just needed to take hold of it.


Courage to do all that had been asked of her

Courage to share the wisdom given to her

Courage to love and be loved

Courage as big as the mountains....

By Catherine Beerda-Basso

copyright 2014


  1. Your writings are mystical and beautiful, whilst your writings made way here and whilst I was laying in my bed under the full snow moon I could hear an owl hooting, I have lived here 15 years and never heard an owl hooting like this, I could not see him but imagined him atop the huge Oak behind my cottage. I felt blessed with the symbolic presence. You might like to see my Valentines offering, again it reminded me of your story....Hugs ♥

    1. oh I LOVE that Sue!!! Owl speaking across the miles...connecting our hearts
      love and light ♥

  2. Such a beautiful read and gorgeous images. Thanks for taking me along on an amazing journey!

    1. thanks you for joining me Susan ♥

      love and light

  3. beautiful teller of stories, you ♥

  4. This is such a beautiful Heroine's Tale! Chills reading it and sitting here basking in the glow of your power and voice. Aho sister! I feel stronger just being in your presence. xo

    1. a heroines tale! I never saw it as such Lis, thank you for this perspective.
      we stand strong together sister aho!

      love and light

  5. Absolutely enthralling journey. Thank you for sharing such an intimate story. I love the times when we allow ourselves to be stripped and broken apart, so much freedom occurs. Aho, sister. xoxo

    1. much freedom indeed Mandy!
      it is really a practice to do so...the allowing of the breaking down...a mindful practice

      love and light♥

  6. The mountains coaxed you and look what you found!
    Hope, meaning, strength, love, renewal and a direction that you always knew of.
    Where o where is that picture taken- #8.
    That must be the mountain that called your name.
    A wonderful journey, sister. x

    1. #8 is in my "back yard" Lynn...The Golden Ears it is called....close to heaven. The mountains from home in picture #1 where the ones that started it all...from when I went back last summer. Being back there, growing up on the foot of that magnificent mountain, stirred a longing inside of me....

      hey you could always come up for a visit and I can take you on that hike and you can see the Golden Ears with your own eyes ; )

      love and light sister
      thank you for being here

  7. A beautiful quest bravely shared. Thank you for this.

  8. An incredible journey, thank you for sharing it sister! The possibilities are endless when we let go and embrace the mystery. You inspire me :)


    1. yes
      the possibilities are endless

      love and light sister


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