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Friday, 28 February 2014

Of Blood and Bone...

She lay herself down
Woman of the Womb
On her knees
Curling into herself 
Curling into  the earth-The Mother of all Mothers
Who lives the truth of live, death, life
Every moment of every day
Here, in the Earth Womb
She poured herself out
Weeping of heart and mind
She, but a moment lost
A skeleton come home
To find the remainder of herself
To feel the Life Blood course thru her
To moisten the Bones of Grief
To replenish what was shocked away 
stolen by the struggle, by the lie

She yells out
Thrashing upon the stones,
beating her chest
"When will this end?", she begs.
"How will this end?" she cries.

And as she lays herself down
no answers come.
Just the stillness of the winds breath
As it gently intertwines with her grief  
lifting her just enough...
Just enough for the blood flow to move
through broken bones
just enough for her to hear the heartbeat 
of Life below her
just enough for her to remember

With dirt on her face
and tears stinging in the wind
She surrenders herself to all she knows
and all that she doesn't
She feels the Great Mother take her in
She hears Her whispers of knowing
The Great Mother knows the grief of all Mothers
Those with their own offspring
and those who are mother to others 
She knows the love
The Women of the Womb carry
She knows of Blood and Bone
Of disappointment and hurt
Of worry and fear
Of standing on the side as her children fall
She Knows
She Feels
She Listens

And The Great Mother Allows
She allows the Woman o the Womb to weep
As She soaks up her tears and breathes new life into her
She transforms her confusion
and gives back a clearer vision

She can hold It
It is what She does
Our Great Mother of all Life
Adn She does it in such a way
that even when life comes to death,
New life will begin again

in this place
The woman of the Womb knows
She feels the Loving Life Force
beneath her body
She hears the stories of the past
and the stories that are yet to come

She will live out this grief
 this joy
this deep Love from the Mother's Womb
Where all life is but Blood and Bone
as fradgile as a snowflake
and equally beautiful
Where pleasure and pain walk hand in hand
as friends
one without the other
Knowing that in Love all things must Be
All things must Live

Her mama heart tender
she rises to her feet
her roots go deep into the red core center
where fire and flame hold life
Her hands and mind rise up high into the heavens
where stars sing healing songs 
and moons give healing light
Unsure of whats to come
she knows this

She is Alive
Alive in Love
of Blood and Bone
And so It is
It was
and forever
It shall Be

~Catherine Beerda-Basso
copyright 2014

Love and Light


  1. perfect: forever it shall be.

    love you.

  2. "Alive in Love"...that was my message today too. Very beautiful journey Cat!

    1. alive in love...a great message to receive
      bless you on your journey sister♥

      love and light

  3. A beautiful embrace with 'Mother'...x

  4. So genuine, from the heart.
    From blood and bone.
    To know you is to love you, and I hear the strength in your words.
    So heartfelt, sister o' mine.

    1. you are the best PG!!!!
      you always make me smile and feel so warm inside

      love and light beautiful one

  5. Wow, fantastic.
    No words... this is pure beauty.

    1. life is beauty isn't it Ashley
      even in those times of challenge
      beauty always remains

      thanks for reading my heart
      love and light

  6. Haunting truth. May the Mother hold you, and you hold the mother.

    1. love you my sister
      can't wait to have some face time with you

      love and light

  7. Chills. You go to the heart if all things first in a brave and beautiful way.
    Lucky to love you. Xo

  8. A poetic masterpiece of mothers' anguish and resurrection.

    1. ♥♥♥

      your words are poetry to my souls sister

      love and light

  9. You are so luminous and breath-giving. This ritual of embodiment, offering and surrender speaks to me so. Thank you for BEing such a light in this world. xo.

    1. love to you my beautiful sister
      thank you for your soul words

      love and light

  10. Your writing cuts to the blood and bone. It is visceral, and felt more than read, and I appreciate that so much. It means a lot to me on my own journey.
    Keep writing.

  11. deep bow of gratitude Brandi
    thank you
    I will keep writing...thank YOU for reading!

    love and light

  12. those words.. those pictures.. you! soulsigh.. ♥ what a writer!

    1. a reflection of you am i ♥

      love and light

  13. Great Mother knows. Great Mother allows. Our Great Mother of all life! Thank you for your writings! So blessed are we!

  14. I feel every part of this Cat. Your words give me strength, courage, faith, and I believe. Thank you thank you dear soul sister....

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