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Monday, 13 January 2014

Well hello 2014....

only 13 days in and we already feel like old friends...

this year has come on hard and fast...
I will not start here
I will back up a bit
for it has been a while
I know
but life is like that
especially with family holidays
or as I called Christmas this year
"These the Holy Nights"

I choose to wrap myself with in my family
whoever would show up
and enjoy
Enjoy that I have them
the montley crew that we are

I choose to be...
and to light candles for these that I love

pray for healing
pray for joy
pray for eased pain

I choose to wait in sacred anticipation
I choose to wish and let go
I choose to be

Indeed these were The Holiest of Night

New Years was brought it with close friends
a good Italian dinner out
kids now old enough to sit at another table
then back to the house to visit and enjoy each other
till it was time to welcome the New Year
and sing Happy Birthday to a special boy

and lite some fireworks
soon after which
 the moms went to bed
while the rest of them stayed up 
into  the wee hours of the morning...
good times
with great people.

And now
here it is
and I walk between two worlds
The world of abundance and blessing
peace and joy
The world of grief and uncertainty
suffering and pain.

Life does not get much more real.

Truth be told
I walk with heavy heart
grief is not easy
but grief is real
and a reflection of my love
for those in my circle who are sick...

"surrogate mom", Yvonne and me

Angela and me

my mom...she has spinal stinosis

Me and Kelly

But along with the grief
there is excitement
and much hope for this year
with those I love
and myself.

Big plans are forming
Space is being created
Things are being let go of
Blessings Abound.

My word for this year is
I did not want it when it came
Repeatedly I went back
hoping to find something softer, gentler
The word kept bringing up emotions from a time
when I was told to "simmer down"
when I was "too much"
when my passion-IE: my fierceness
was presented to me as a negative...
and not acceptable.
So on the day
when I went back to see
if perhaps
just maybe 
another word had taken shape
only to find
waiting patiently
with a smile on her face
and an invitation to live in her hand,
a whisper came from deep within me
"this is a part of is time to let it live once more"
I surrendered.
I took hold of the invitation to live
and I said yes to FIERCE!

I have to say
I felt a little scared
"Holy Shit-Fierce!"
and then

I felt whole

and past emotions and events bubbled up
I looked at them
honoured them
and then
 I let them go.
Because my lovelies
I AM fierce...
fiercely passionate about Living Free
and everything that comes with that!
And I will not deny that part of myself

Along with this word 
came direction
"Slow and Steady"

It seemed like a contradiction to me
in a way
But upon moving past the labels
Fierce tends to be tagged with
I saw it made complete sense 
and offered me some containment
and safety...
for FIERCE can be dangerously wild and extremely hot
if not attended to in the necessary way
but with such direction
there is offered
a slow, deep, rich burn
producing an endless source of deep power
that fuels strength, fortitude, and stamina
to face the road ahead.

So I walk with fierceness
at a slow and steady pace.
Opening this year to pouring out my heart
in word, image and paint.

This space will be a place of story and image.
A little different from what it has been.
I will offer
legend and parable
forest tales
and ocean mystery
songs from the wind
and lessons from the earth
I hope you will come by
and indulge your senses
and open your heart
to the guided words of Spirit.

I walk between two worlds
it is where I belong
until the day comes for me to leave this place
here I shall be
here I shall remain...

where have you been called to be
my lovelies?
what word have you been given?

Love and Light



  1. walking between two worlds.. I know this well. Fierce is an awesome word. My word became "Uncensored". I have shut up and shut down for way too long. I'm looking forward to what you'll be doing in this space ♥ love you!

    1. yes you do know this well my sister
      I am loven' yours too!!!
      how unexpected and yet how perfect
      i know you will live it well♥

      love and light

  2. Slow & steady makes perfect sense for gentle God who wants to make deep, lasting change in us. Thanks for sharing & thanks for listening;)

    1. true true...deep lasting changes indeed♥

      love and light my friend

  3. LOVE your word FIERCE and your description
    Love and Light from one Cat to another across the waters
    One day One day we will sit and share xxx

    1. CAT!!!
      I have missed you!
      so happy to see you here
      and yes
      one day
      one day we will sit face to face
      and much talking will be had!!!!!

      love and light
      from one Cat to another♥

  4. I am so looking forward to your stories,
    I'm thinking or should I say stirring from the depths a few of my own...
    Hugs dear one x

    1. Happy New Year my dear Foxy!
      stirring from the depths...yes I know this

      love and light♥

  5. I can see the fierceness in you, let it out sister - roaring and purring all at once! xoxo

    1. thank you Mandy
      can you hear me roar!!!!

      it feels good to be fierce!

      love and light

  6. Love your word, such a warrioress word. Mine is Joy, it eludes me and I am looking embrace and embody this word, and way of being. Happy New Year.

    1. may Joy abound for you sister!
      Happy New Year

      love and light

  7. Fierce.....that word evoked a spark just reading it....what an awesome word!
    Really enjoyed your photos. Profound insights as always.

    1. a spark! yes!
      love having you here sister!
      love you

      love and light

  8. Fierce - love it. I don't have my word yet. Perhaps in launching this new blog something will call me. (any ideas for a name for my new blog btw)?
    p.s. I've missed your space here.

    1. hey you could comment!!!
      welcome back!

      I will ponder a name and let you know what comes

      love and light
      Happy New Year

  9. Beautifully written, Cat! Fierce, to me, looks like a warrior for people with no voice. I can see how slow and steady fierceness has the potential to be the most influential of all. It's awesome that you're embracing this word that lives within you and allowing it to show itself once again!

    1. I love your view of fierce Catherine...I can swallow that one just fine!

      lovely to see you♥

      love and light

  10. If anyone could own that word, fierce, you surely can! I'd also add feisty to that!
    It's going to be a good year, Cat. I feel it.
    It's the year of the horse. It's the year of healing and celebration.
    Can I ask you, is that black and white picture of you and your mother?
    How is she?
    You sound really fired up and determined. I hope you have some wonderful experiences this year, with yourself, deep in your soul and in nature.
    Do not forget about you.

    1. Hey sista
      I just labeled the images so you would know who is who

      lol...feisty is definitely a word my husband would use ! lol
      it IS going to be a good year
      I feel it too
      and don't worry
      I won't foeget about me
      am actually taking on to Phoenix today for hiking and mountain biking in the sun! (with one of my besties)
      my bones are looking forward to the desert heat!

      blessings to you this year too my friend!♥

      love and light

  11. So glad to meet you Cat! followed a link from Lynn's (Prairie Girl) blog. Looking forward to having a peek around. Happy powerful 2014!


    1. welcome Kerry!
      love that Lynn

      happy 2014

      love and light

  12. Awesome post Cat, your word is fantastic and it is you. I look forward to what stories you bring!! And always, the love and the inspiration..thank you sister..

    1. love you MJ!

      blessing to you in 2014

      love and light

  13. Fierce looks good on you! Glad you will be walking in it this year and looking forward to seeing what transpires. My word for this year is MARVEL and part of this is slowing down to see what is really going on around me and what is brewing underneath the surface. Its easy to marvel at beauty, but what about the rest of life?


    1. love and light traveling sister

  14. Oh, yes! Fierce IS you! You ARE Fierce!
    I got goosebumps when I read,

    "this is a part of is time to let it live once more" and I surrendered.

    Fierce, I see as being very powerful in a safe most love filled way…. 💕

    blessings! xoxo


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