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Friday 3 January 2014

Before I do anything....

I come to you my lovelies
to ask of you, your hearts.
The community of women
that I connect with in this space
have taught me so much
about Love and Light
and for that I thank you.
So now
 I humbly ask you to walk this walk with me
for a dear sister-friend of mine
one whom I met through this medium some
4 years ago.

This is the beautiful Kelly Clark
known to some as The Umber Dove
a talented artist of 
earth and stone
hearts songs
word and wonder

She is an exquisite creature
who I am so so very honoured to call sister.
She is on a grief field
and it is her second time on this particular field....
but honestly
her story is so much better in her own words

There is something I want to do for this beautiful soul
and I need your help to do it.
This Sunday, January 5th
at 8:00pm your time
whatever time zone you live in
I ask you to light a candle for Kelly
Say a prayer
Set up an alter
Write a heart song
Share a verse...
whatever it is your spiritual practice
leads you to do
and post it on your blog
and then let me know
and I will link it here.

This can also be done via Face Book
come to my page for details
search for Catherine Beerda-Basso 
if you are not already connected with me there.

My purpose for this is
for healing
Kelly's healing.
And also by doing so
we can equip Kelly and BC for the journey ahead
no matter how long or short
far or wide they have to go
they will know and feel the army that stands with them.
The Divine medicine given
The Divine prayer lifted
The Divine Love and Light poured out
will remain for them
strong and true
till they need it no more.

This is what I have been lead to do
to put out the call
for us to gather
for another soul
and in turn 
for each other.

I pray you will join me.

Love and Light my lovelies.

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” 
― Chief Seattle

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  1. I have been wondering what you might be thinking of with regard to 'our' Kelly! I have only known her a short while but am totally smitten by her strong character....So I am going to put my thinking cap on or maybe meditate for awhile and see what rises...

    Hugs to you sweet one and 'Fierce' fighter....x

    1. thank you darling friend
      thank you ♥

      love and light

  2. Dove's tribe is constant and true. She's got the best there is!
    I've been trying to be the strength of black wings for her.
    Now, with your offering, in words so eloquent, will bring her band together, even stronger in numbers!
    Yes. This Sunday. Prayers and candles. Let's all be aware.
    Let's do it for Kelly.

    1. constant and true...yes

      sister you ARE the strength of black so are, no need to try!
      love your spirit

      love and light

  3. I'm in. With Reiki, with heart, and with light.

  4. I am in, too. Love and Light!! xoxo

    1. awesome Mandy!

      the tribe is gathering

      love and light

  5. Dear Cat, it's 8.05pm and Kelly is in my prayers. I wrote her a letter and it just posted. I pray for strength and joy for her and her partner x

  6. Dear Cat
    What a beautiful friend you are
    I joined you in candle light last night for Kelly
    I am no longer on FB - I disabled my account 6 (ish) weeks ago
    Love and light
    From one Cat to another

    1. thank you beautiful friend
      thank you

      love and light
      from one Cat another

  7. I pray for Kelly's healing -- mind body and soul -- every time I think of her, many times a day. :) Maybe tonight, when I light my candle, I'll extend my prayers to our entire broken and sick planet and all the people who are struggling in life -- which is everyone, everywhere, all the time. :)

    Thank you for being beautiful!
    Happy New Year.

    1. yes yes sister
      mind, body and soul
      all the love that is being lifted in Kelly's name blankets this earth
      sending healing to all
      this I know to be true
      happy to have you around the flame my lovely

      love and light

  8. Dear Sister and Messenger
    Thank you for this opportunity!
    I have asked Divine Spirit for words for this
    I am honored to join others at 8:00 pm tonight and light a candle
    As well I have asked for prayer from two powerful prayer warriors presently in Haiti....who have done some powerful physical healings.

    Thank you again for the opportunity to serve.

    1. blessings blessings blessings

      love and light

  9. Cat,
    I have posted here:
    For Kelly's healing, and highest good.

    1. beautiful Brandi...beautiful
      i posted it on the FB page too!!!
      thank you♥

      love and light

  10. Cat,
    happy to add my light and support...we must all be here, together, for each other...and how fortunate for us all.
    love to you and Kelly...

  11. how fortunate for kelly to have the love and support of this loving and giving community ~ i'm in ~ love and light dear cat and kelly

  12. A little late for the 5th, but I will light a candle for Kelly too!

  13. My heart is there for her, everyday. You are an amazing soul. xo


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